Alien Covenant (Opinions)

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  1. Wreav

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    I have seen the film...

    Alien Covenant. 6/10 (One Spoiler)
    I have more complaints than positives. But it is worth the watch it answers almost all of the questions Alien fans have been wanting for a while. Covenant is probably one the darkest Alien film to date and is very messed up . It's no where near as good as Prometheus, Prometheus was timed perfectly we had time to understand the characters and the story developed very well. Covenant... well watch the last meal, everything Alien Covenant has given you before the film is needed to understand the message of the film.

    (My critique points are as follows) Apart from that, character development was poor, it was rushed in parts, CGI was overly used. Nonetheless, the message behind it all was very interesting and does set itself up for another film.

    AND James Franco was killed off minutes into the film and had no significance in the film entirely. -_-
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    • Well I agree to 80% of what you said Wreav but i think Alien Covenant was respecting old good alien movie .....
  3. LunaticNic

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    4/10 for me ...
    Imo they completely messed up the origin of the creature and had no solid plan where to take the story so they threw gore and cgi at it ... also the franchise is called Alien not David or Android so the new focus is stupid as well.
    Almost as bad as I expect the new pred movie to be :(
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