Alien head trophy help


Rex L Adams


My first Pred project, a bit hesitant, thought I'd start w/ a project I think will easier...then the Pred.

I'd like to make "Trophy" like...oh dammit. Can't remember his name and now I can't find the frickin' thread!!

Sorry bro, I want to give you credit too!!!

I'd like to have an Aliens head on a Predator spear. I've seen the Rubies head, and a new paint job would help immensely, but it looks too "short". Is there a way to section it, and add a new middle to make it longer?

If I can accomplish that, I plan to stick the Pred spear through the head, then fill the head carefully with expanding foam.

Would really appreciate any help!!

Thanks much!!

The Mortal Immortal

Monster Room sells a nice alien head. Latex foam filled.


Well if ya wanna get something pre- made like what scott mentioned, you can do that

OR ya can be a real man and cowboy up and sculpt ur own alien head from scracth-ola!!!!

For details repost if ur serious about the sculpting, molding and casting process.

Rex L Adams

Well, to be honest it sounds a bit daunting, sculpting in 1/1. I've done a bit, not a lot in 1/6th, and it's turned out okay...

I've tried to teach myself, but never got past taking a sculpting class years ago. Come to think of it, I sculpted a 1/1 head then. Man, that was a long time ago.

you know, I would like to know how to do this. I would appreciate knowing about the process!!!

Thanks bro!