Alien/Predator Room


Well hummmmm I am just IMPRESED ! :O WHat can I say !!! This is the most beautiful collection i have ever seen so the past i have seen a guy in USA who was collecting almost all of the movies props and stuff.....this guy had a so HUGE amount of movie items that was NOT replica's but the actual items ...let'S say he has a very very good contact at hollywood studio's.... cyberpred there is some things in your collection i would really want to buy for example your anubis costume .... man i would do SO much conventions with that kind of costume. But some of the items that are mostly evil i do not the goa'uld hand, or the book of death.... Cyberpred this is amazing buddy! If I get the chance to work VERY hard and make a lot of money i will surely build a room of replica's like you.... BUT one thing i like in my job as a props maker is to make UNIQUE stuff for movies....Unique concepts as i am a concept artist.... you can check my portfolio at NEPTUNIS....

Cheers my friend,

JIr'Xar, Shogun or just Norbert