Alien Species Foam Latex Body suit



Hey guys,

I don't post here often, and I havent had anything Predator/Alien to show off because most of my collection is Star Wars based.

A few years back I was involved in a low budget film called Alien Species. The director eventually let me keep my costume, once he knew that they wouldnt be needing any future reshoots to be done with the suits.

I have one spare suit that is still just foam latex color that was never used for filming that I am considering making into a Predator bodysuit. Do you think it differs too much from Predator anatomy to work?

Here is a photo on set in front of blue screen

This is a photo of me wearing it with the foam armor they provided for it. The strap hanging between my legs is supposed to go down through my legs and attach in the back. The velcro came undone and I didnt notice.

This is how it looked on set with a bit of eye makeup, mask on, and no armor.

Here is the costume as it looks without it being worn...


The foot looks like a velociraptors or something

This is a shot of one of the forearm/hands

Mood lighting

A profile of the mask.

I was considering getting other hands for the creature or just making it a totally different kind of Predator. I would just need a predator head from the neck up and a helmet to put on it and use the costume (repainted) to look predator-ish.

Too different?

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Well, obviously arms, feet and mask have to go. But with the rest I'd say it all depends on the paintjob. You got all the muscles on the suit to start with. Maybe you want to cover this skinned-alive look by evening it out with another thin layer of latex, but I really don't know anything about that.

Cool suit, btw!

The Mortal Immortal

Look its already rotting. Foam latex don't last.


Actually, the mask area isn't rotting. The cheek pictured has damage from being shot on camera near a hot surface. It melted that cheek during production. I have 2 other heads just like this one though ,they just dont have teeth in them, but theres no damage to those. That cheek was literally melted and dried in a gummy state, but it isn't rotting.
I like the idea of a Predator/Alien hybrid of some kind. It could be painted to be a completely different kind of Predator incarnation.

I do have one unused body section of this creature that is flesh tone, bare foam. It isn't painted and wasnt used for the film, but it has no arms, legs, or head. I might start with that one to get the Predator result.


You mentioned you would like a suit just like this one, I have a spare. I was going to use it for a star wars fan film as a new species, but thats been put off for too long. He was going to be a creature bodyguard for a Mandalorian.
So if I start this other suit and paint it sort of alien-predator hybrid and get new feet and hands, and obviously a new head, you think that would look cool? I could cover the "bone" areas on the torso with armor maybe.
Any thoughts?



To turn this into a PredAlien would require a little redoing, but not too much.

You'd need the spikes on the back, the two ridges over the shoulders, a new head, a tail, and a new paint job. That's it. The hands and feet are perfect.