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  1. headdragon

    headdragon Blooded

    Rock it man... I cant wait to see this thing live at DC 09!
  2. femc

    femc Unblooded

    Awesome paint job! Can't wait to see the whole alien!
  3. Love the claws.. very precize and freaky. That would be an awful sound when those nails were going over a board on school!!
    Looks awesome dude!

  4. Paintninja

    Paintninja Blooded

    Many thanx for all the kind compliments! I'm hoping to have it completely
    painted up by the 17th of this month, should have full suit pics shortly
    after! Thanx again for lookin'
  5. Paintninja

    Paintninja Blooded

    Sorry for the wait, October was a busy month for me, hence the lack of my presence here.
    But for all that care, I got the Mander/Ruffkin Alien painted and assembled in time for
    Halloween. These are also the first pics taken, so without futher adue............





    And one with my youngest son as a Pred............


    Thanx for looking!





  6. Garo

    Garo Hunter

    That alien is sooo badass!!!!
  7. Gorgot3000

    Gorgot3000 Blooded

    good Job buddy ! i very like it ! :D
  8. PreyLien808

    PreyLien808 Unblooded

    that is crazy sick!!!! One question, where do you see out of? I will be getting one of these next year for sure!!
    Aloha, and goos job again!!

  9. Mr Fett

    Mr Fett Elite Hunter

    Cool, man. I was just wondering about that today if you got that Alien finished in time for Halloween. :D
  10. Paintninja

    Paintninja Blooded

    :D Many thanx for the kind compliments, thank you for taking the time!

    I see through a network of holes in the side and under the jaw, I really need to
    paint the inside of the mask too. In the pic where I'm facing right you can see
    some of the holes, DOH! :p
  11. Mr Fett

    Mr Fett Elite Hunter

    Paint the inside then. What are you waiting for?!?! :D
  12. Paintninja

    Paintninja Blooded

    Actually I'm contemplating between painting the inside or just installing a little black mesh! :D
  13. headdragon

    headdragon Blooded

    Suit looks awesome Kyle!
  14. Natti

    Natti Blooded

    Awesome looks killer.
  15. xalener

    xalener Blooded


    I'm glad I've got long legs and a short torso, though... And I'm also glad that I'm skinny as hell...

    I could be an alien AND a predator...

    ...sweet paint up though...


    abso-freekin-beeeeeeeeeeautiful alien suit!
    monsteroom is an ace alien suit builder too so you should check out his work too mate!

    heres 2 pics of the suit monsteroom builds so you can see for yourself how good his alien suits are too.
    hope you like the 2 pics of his work assembled and the other unassembled. :)


  17. BUGZ

    BUGZ Blooded

    That would be MY suit to the left!



    lol bugs that is correct that is you in the alien suit and the suit still makes my mouth water and makes me feel like i am in but a dream and not yet awake that is how much i see the work of monsteroom!
    his work is like a god and im soon to build or at least attempt to build my own giger alien suit.............(fingers crossed i make it as good as monsteroom) ^_^
  19. Paintninja

    Paintninja Blooded

    I know I'm way late but it's not monsteroom, the original sculpt was done by Pete Mander (Farscape1).
    Then Ruffkintoy purchased the molds from Pete, he then casted me a full suit from those molds hence
    the thread heading Mander/Ruffkin Alien. Thanx for looking, despite my waaay late reply.
  20. grendel64

    grendel64 Blooded

    "Watches? Ninjas don't need no stinking watches!"
    specially Ninja Aliens....
  21. Aaron007

    Aaron007 Unblooded

    I know this is an old thread, but does anyone have a lead on an alien costume kit anywhere?
  22. Tetsuo

    Tetsuo Hunter

    You can hit up pete mander or monsterroom on this website man, i got both of mine from them x

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