Aliens Cast Reunion in Knoxville, TN October 6-8

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    I did not see an appropriate forum to post appropriate conventions for members to appear. This subforum seemed the best location to post this.

    The aliens fan members will be attending.

    Fanboy Expo's Totally Awesome Weekend - Celebrity Guests - Fanboy Expo

    The following cast members are tentatively in attendance:
    -Biehn "Hicks"
    -Henriksen "Bishop
    -Ricco Ross "Private Frost"
    -Cynthia Scott "Dietrich"
    -Daniel Kash "Spunkmeyer"
    -Carrie Henn "Newt"
    -Alec Gillis (creature effects, ADI)

    I will be in predator costume on that saturday.
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    OK, folks. I am working on doing an aliens legacy/ cosplayer parade. October 7 in knoxville around noon. I will be marching as a predator.

    I have also been working on getting a meet and greet setup at the holiday inn late in tandem with the two concerts they have going on Friday and Saturday night.

    They merged the first fanboy with the second fanboy thread. I have been working extensively with the aliens legacy crew and we have a fan table during the event.

    The Aliens Legacy • View topic - Knoxville, TN FanBoyExpo

    If you plan on attending, I would request you add your name to the list there or here.

    I am trying to get rough counts on attendees for the event.

    Also they keep getting more and more aliens crew cast.

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