Aliens vs Predator: No Mercy


I'm making a AVP cartoon. I will accept certain submitted characters. Please, submit your character by posting here.
(This is a long post and contains several vital information regarding the film. All is not needed to read, but is advised to)
I will decide your character's roll in the story and their ultimate fate.

Facial Features/Body Features:
Approx Age: (Human/Pred mainly)
Additional Comments:

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Alien submissions are opened
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Submissions close on the 2/1/08.

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On a cold planet coded 'Undrin-55'. Zerksis Org. (Weyland's rival corporation) sets up the bases to study a magnificent creature collected before the destruction of LV-426. Only five samples were collected [Facehuggers].

One escapes and impregnates an unexpecting host.

But the trouble has just begun, as a predator ship picks up on marine and human activity in the area. The clan deploys 3 Yautjas [Sertolic, Guan-Hult'ah , Lefty]
To begin their hunt.

However, trouble surfaces on both sides as the alien population begins to rapidly spread and very fast. Both sides find themselves in deep trouble as they both signal for help outside of the planet. The xenomorphs are definetely at large.

The humans get in contact with the marines who are immediately sent into action and the overwhelemed predators get their backup [Jed'hin]. Among the marines are [Rayne Hollow] [Stephen Matthews] [And several other user-submitted humans].

The marines, instead of expecting a rescue mission; turns into means of survival. Jed'hin also finds himself on the same boat.

The clash begins

Aliens versus Predator
(No Mercy)

Early Alien image

Speak Peak


Jed'hin, our main predator.

Submit at will!

User-submited Characters as of 1/17/2008.

NOCSTRIKE: Main Alien (Predalien)
Crow: One of our main aliens, biological experiment (Runner mix)
Rift: Character Overall anaylsis still in work; biological weapon probability of Zerksis.
The Giger Drone
Wolf (Warrior)
Venom (Drone)
"Kall-55" (Preaetorian)
Jedali (Drone)
"Khin-Gi Te-dqi" (Warrior)
"Firehunter" (Drone)

Sertolic: Lead Predator of the first pack
Jed'hin: Main Predator
Dah'Chun'Asd: Ship Appearance
"TheHunter": Cameo
"Devilpred": Cameo
Guan-Hult'ah: Pack Predator
"Lefty": Pack Predator

Corporal Darren Maxwell
Rayne Hollow: Lead Human character
Kidd Arlington Junior
Stephen Matthews
Simon "Delta-Boy" Cambell
Gregg Kamuja
Jed Ramn
Kristie Thomason
Dr. Finchar
Dr. Horris Bikochutz

Keep in mind some of these users are from here:
And here: [URL=""][/URL]

The following section contains SPOILERS

WARNING: Look away here NOW if you don't want anything opened to you yet..

You have been warned.

Basic Q and A about our Predators in the film.

Q: There seems to be alot of Predators involved, how is this going to work?
A: Most of the predators are on the ship, and there are only a total of four that actually get off of the ship. One of them working on his own agenda.

Q: Why are the predators in this film? How do they get into the picture?
A: Upon seeing Corporates (Zerksis Military) on the 'Undrin-55' moon, the Predator clan we like to nickname 'Clanja' decides to send down a few of their members to hunt for honor. Note: These predators have absolutely no idea that Zerksis is involved with the aliens. This is just a hunt, like the films 'Predator' and 'Predator 2'.

Q: You said there's four predators, are they all sent down at once?
A: No, only three are sent.

Q: So how does the other one come into play?
A: The predators are ambushed. Only one gets the message out to the mother ship. This is where the last Predator, who's our main yautja comes into the film.

Q: Are these predators some type of 'newbie-training' yautjas?
A: Nope, all of them are experienced hunters. Our main predator is a veteran hunter however, his rank is above the first three; but he's not an elder.

Q: As mentioned earlier about cameos, how are most predators seen?
A: On the ship. There's a couple scenes showing the elder giving instructions to our 'pack of three'. Here we see the other predators operating and listening along.

Q: The predator armory, is it acid resistant?
A: Yes.

Q: What type of weapons would we expect to see?
A: Wristblades, Spearguns, Netguns, Whip, Mauls, Baton-Blades, Combi-stick, Plasmacaster, Plasma pistols, Disc, Shuriken, and several others.

Q: To stir up user-joy, which alien(s) make contact with the 'trio pack'?
A: The Giger Drone and NOCSTRIKE are the first to make any contact with the predators. In this case, NOCSTRIKE is simply a facehugger that gets lucky.

Q: Do you follow movie-patterns and all creatures are killed off?
A: Nope, we got a little suprise we're holding on that.

Q: To stir up more user-joy, which human(s) make contact with the 'trio pack'?
A: Delta-Boy makes is the first 'User' submitted character to make contact with them.

Q: Can you specify our 'trio pack' and our 'Predator'?
A: Sertolic; Pack Leader, Guan-Hult'ah and Lefty. Our other predator that hits the ground is Jed'hin who recieves the distress message from Sertolic

Basic Q and A about our Aliens in the film.

Q: How many aliens are there?
A: Alot, it's an infestation as big as that of ALIENS. Perhaps slightly bigger.

Q: How do the aliens get involved in this story?
A: The story, infact: revolves around the aliens. Zerksis is a rival corporation to Weyland, and stole the eggs before the family (As seen in ALIENS) can get into contact with them. Upon bringing them to one of Zerksis research moon, Undrin-55. Something goes 'wrong', shall we say? :lol:.

Q: About that, there were how many huggers stolen?
A: About 5 huggers were taken for research.

Q: Who is the first alien(s) to begin their rampage?
A: The Giger Drone, is the first alien who's actually out by escaping on it's own (We later find out the great DR. has a part in this). CROW is intentionally released and is actually kept into experimenting. NOCSTRIKE is freed by TGD (The Giger Drone). Then CROW is freed by NOCSTRIKE. These are the first aliens.

Q: NOCSTRIKE is a predalien, is he born before or during the movie?
A: During

Q: What exactly is different about CROW?
A: CROW is a weaker alien than your regular runner, but several times faster and agile. He's actually modified slightly and contains a 'chip' in his brain. This chip serves as a tracker and data collector; placed by Dr. Horris Bikochutz (A primary antagonist).
Jed'hin discovers the chip in CROW's head.

Q: Who enters first? Aliens or Predators?
A: Aliens

Q: To stir up 'user-joy' who is the first human to make contact with an alien?
A: Gregg Kamuja is killed off by The Giger Drone

Q: According to you, NOCSTRIKE is the pack leader? But it sounds like TGD is doing all the work
A: TGD molts into a queen and hands the duties of the alpha male to NOCSTRIKE.

Q: Who is this 'Rift' alien?
A: Wildlife experiment gone wrong, his appearance is short but is made.

Q: Which alien is somewhat of a main thorn to the predators?
A: The Giger Drone would have been seemingly, but molts into a queen. NOCSTRIKE is the biggest thorn to Jed'hin, as the two constantly meet up.

Q: What are some abilities the aliens use?
A: Aliens can stun a target with a certain swipe. Acid spit, pounce, headbite. They are very vicious foes in this film and nearly unstoppable.

Q: So we have a queen AND a predalien?!
A: Yes, we do. What we pictured was the biggest infestation to date, we just want them going ALL out.

Q: Who is Dr. Horris Bikochutz?
A: A doctor who specializes in biological research. He actually releases two of the facehuggers, CROW and TGD. NOCSTRIKE is awakened by TGD soon after. The good doctor is our primary antagonist in this film.

Q: To stir up more 'user-joy' tell us how much of a thorn these aliens can be?
A: Venom kills a great number of human user-submitted characters, TGD gets the hive setup and clears alot of opposing humans down. NOCSTRIKE critically inujures Jed'hin at one point in the movie and tears apart several other human characters.

Q: To stir up even more 'user-joy' which alien(s) comes closest with one of the human(s)-predator(s)?
A: Rayne Hollow and TGD, NOCSTRIKE and Jed'hin.

Basic Q and A about our Humans in the film

Q: How many 'user-submitted' humans are there?
A: Nine as of 1/17/08.

Q: How are the humans dialogue done? Subtitles?
A: No, voice acting.

Q: According to you, the predators began hunting some humans on Undrin-55; but they get back-up from more Zerksis guys?
A: There's Zerksis corporates and there's Marines. Both are two different group of people. The marines being the rescue team. This is a good spice to the movie, seeing as both factions have a great amount of hostility towards eachother.

Q: Why were no users able to submit 'Corporate' characters?
A: Our team made up all of them, however Kamuja was the only one that was actually 'user'-submitted.

Q: To stir up 'user-joy' which alien makes contact with a human?
A: TGD-->
Let's settle the important stuff first:

Q: Is Kristie Thomason a babe and will we see any ass shots ??
A: yes, one ass shot with an M-40, the other with a plasmacaster!

I'm lookin forward to seeing this...don't know why, but I like the attitude in the post above :lol:
Approx Age:500
Arsenal: Wrist Blades, Netgun, Whip, Plasmacaster, Smart Disk, Plasma Sword

During the battle, he was carried off to become a meal. the aliens were killed before they could eat him. The other members of his hunting party were unable to find him and decided that he was lost forever. they returned home and made him a hero, fighting to the death. Meanwhile, the broken pred slowly nursed himself back to health. the pred is burning inside with a raging fury. He had been taught that no hunter would ever be left behind to the mercy of the prey. He had been betrayed, so he thought. He swore vengence against his kind and never again followed the laws of the hunt and honor for they meant nothing to him.

skin/pattern colour



PM sent with character info

here it is as well for you guys to see what your neighborhood punisher thought up


Name: chiamata vicina( in italian close call)

Bio: Chiamata is a Mid aged predator with few trophys but very proud trophys. he is a more light skinned predator and is a warrior who is quick to fight even larger prey than he can take alone with no care of his own well being . He also has a nack to save other predators in danger and as said before will risk his own well being For a Kill . He is wise and well trusted with in his clan. For his loyalty and bravery to risk all for other yautja of the clan.

Facial Features/Body Features: he is a tall predator with well muscalur features but not the largest warrior of his clan he as well has many scars on his stomach face and arms from cuts to impalements from previous battles

Approx Age: 521 years old estimated

Extra: Chiamata preferes swords over all other weapons he carrys a double bladed sword which was made for him by the dark blade clan after he saved there elder before a queen xenomorph impaled the elder while the clans were on a hunt together by doing so the elder of the dark blade clan rewarded him with this blade which is chiamata most prized possesion

Additional Comments: Chiamata armor is very versatile being he does not carry a plasma caster he wears full upper body armor and A heavy boar mask with only shurikans as his long range weapon carried on his belt. He has been noted as a master marksman with a shurikan but feels it is unhonarble to kill at a distance and has been known to only wound his prey and go in close to use his sword for the final kill


Name: Bright Eyes

Bio: Once on the path to becoming an honored Elder, the cybernetic implants and stimulant use soon drove him on the road to insanity. He was once one of the greatest hunters of his clan, respected and feared amongst the ranks of his brothers, but he hid a dark secret from the clan, cybernetic implants to further enhance his senses and the use of chemical stimulants which made him stronger and faster, under his skin the cybernetic implants lay, and through his veins the chemicals coursed, his kills became swift and silent, but the mixture of prototype implants and illegal substances soon took it's toll on his mind.

The implants began driving him mad, what was once a sharp and dedicated mind soon became a belligerent mind focused on only killing, the stimulants which provided him enhanced strength and speed now gave his body the perfect vehicle for his insanity filled mind. Soon it began showing up in his outward appearance, his skin became a monotone gray, glowing blue lines emerged all around his body, and his eyes glowed with the brightest of mechanical blue.

It wasn't long before he began hunting his brothers, killing and claiming their skulls as his prizes, he went on a frenzy killing hunters from many clans, he became something which even the most experienced of hunters feared. The proud and noble warrior he once was is now dead, and in it's place there is a crazed killing machine whose only impulse and action is to slaughter and kill.

Facial Features/Body Features: the more darker spots on his skin have become pitch black, lighter areas are now a mix of different shades of gray. glowing tribal/rune like blue patterns run all around his body and his eyes glow the same bright shade of blue. and he wears his dreads in an unkempt and messy topknot fashion.

Approx Age: Approx. 700

Extra: Minimalistic tarnished black armor, he only wears enough to protect his heart and vital areas, trophy wear is also light as he only wears a few trinkets, most are broken and tattered showing that he no longer cares for anything else but killing. his helmet is similar to the Gort helmet but it's really old and beat up. His weaponry is pretty basic, a maul and a glaive, he also uses dual plasma casters.

Additional Comments: The guy's crazy, he's pretty much lost any and all signs of being civilized, he communicates only with violence and he speaks pretty damn loud. He's driven by a more primal need to kill, it's not really honor or anything he does it for, he kills for the simple reason as it's what he does, and he likes it very much.


Just thought I would throw in my idea. This was originally an idea I would have loved to have seen in a comic, movie, or costume. So maybe he can debut here...

Name: Ikaika (I'm half Hawaiin. Translated it means, Strong.)

Bio: If you mean helmet, P1'ish. Background: Mysterious in his way's, Ikaika is known to his fellow Yautja as the lone hunter. Never joining in hunting parties, but instead traveling to many galaxy's and planet's to hunt alone and or solo. He is a fairly young Predator with an attutude to match. Ikaika has a very muscular and barbaric build. He chooses not to wear the traditional full body armor worn by his fellow Yautja. Although dangerous and risky, he sees it as an unfair advantage he doesn't need. Instead only choosing to wear his gaunlets, cloth skirt, belt, neck ring, body net, and shin armor. He is tattooed from his left wrist up to his shoulder and left chest pectoral with letters from there native language. The tattoo tells the story of his many hunts and trophy's collected overtime. Adding to the tattoo with each hunt and trophy acquired. Although straying from hunting in groups. Due to his excellent, strategic skills, survival skills, intelligence, and combat skills. At times by the request of an elder, Ikaika will help a fellow brother in need or danger. Although rebellious in his way's, he still follows the code of honor all Yautja live by. Ikaika just takes it to a whole new level.

Facial Features/Body Features: Picture Conan the Barbarian mixed with the Wolf Predator. Scars and acid burns lay scattered among his body.

Approx Age: 300 yrs. old.

Extra: His weapons consist of the traditional spear, smart disc, net gun, and a heavy duty sword made by himself from the bones of his prey.

Additional Comments: This is one bad mutha fucka! lol


Lovely bios guys. Great info, provides alot of detailed information on your submissions. Unfortunately I can only accept 2-3 more PREDATORS after this post.
(Everyone posted above will make an appearance )

Good luck to anyone after.

Update: 1/18/08

Jamie 'Frosty' Rodriguiez added.
Oeyn Scarens 'B-45' added.
"Cetanu" added.
"Chiamata Vicina" added.
"Bright Eyes" added.
"Ikaika" added.

Half Knife

How about this.

Name: Darj'inn

Bio: Warrior trainer, he is huge and powerful, with a massive trophy collection. He has an even temprament, but the others know not to anger him. He is expert in training warriors. His skill is unmatched and unquestioned, and he is universally respected.

Facial Features/Body Features: He is from the same branch as the AVP Predators, so he looks a bit different and is more muscular and taller than most of the other Predators. He is covered with scars and his tusks are intricately carved. He has a zero tolerance for insubordination among those he trains, and easily meets any challenge put forth by any young unblooded male. He was accepted into the clan at a young age after he was rescued from a shipwreck in which his family was killed. Since he was not of the same branch as the clan who found him, he had to fight his adopted clansmen his entire life until he became a blooded hunter.

He is an Elder, his age is unknown.

Extra: His weapons are all bladed. He uses no plasmacaster. He also has a whip that is made from an alien tail.

Additional comments: He is a supreme strategist and one of the three most successful trainers in the Predator culture. The survival rate of those he trains is phenomenal.


Of late, been getting some 'Can you give me a better guideline?' messages.

Here's a guideline for you.

Name: Jed'hin - Predator
Bio (Short): Veteran hunter, headstrong and powerful. On his way to honorary status, Jed'hin was amongst the predators briefing the 'trio pack' on their hunt. Right-hand predator to the elder of the ship, he displays alot of information to the group. Jed'hin is a strict yautja who stays loyal to the codes of the hunt. Upon hearing the distress call from his brethen below, Jed'hin packs his gear and volunteers for the mission himself. Upon his arrival he finds out that he's in the same boat as his fellow yautjas and decides to take things to the next level.
Very skilled and witty predator; uses stealth tatics for quick-killing abilities.

Facial Features/Body Features: Medium Predator build body, Jungle Hunter 'face-like' appearance, cross between 'Wolf', 'Jungle Hunter' and 'Chopper' Predator armor/features.
Approx Age: (Human/Pred mainly) Young-Mid age.
Extra: Prefers up-close combat. Quick on his feet, prefers to use 'Quick-kill' abilities against his targets.
Additional Comments: Carries 2x Plasma-Caster, 2x Maul, 1x Combistick, 1x Netgun, 1x Plasma Pistol, 1x Disc, 1x Shuriken, 2x Arm Blade, 1x Whip, 2x Wrist Blades.
Preferably uses his Plasma Caster and Maul. Loves his whip weaponry.
Quick on his feet and prefers close-quater combat.


Elite Hunter
Name: Setg'-in Paya

Bio: Setg'-in Paya is an aged hunter/warrior who is very precise, and strategic when in closed combat quarters (his prefered method of hunting/fighting). His trophie case is one of which many of his clan brothers envy, because of the amount he has acquired within his life span. Being a wise, and strategic hunter/warrior, Setg'-in Paya is looked upon by the others as one who will fight, and defend his brothers if ever they are in a troubled situation from which they are unable to recover. He has had many hunts, and has been through many trials of his clan (one in which he had to hunt down a "Bad Blood", and had extensive scarring to his arms from the "Bad Bloosd's" aggressive, and brutal fighting style with its wrist blades).

Features: Setg'-in Paya is approx. 473 yrs. of age (human years), 7'3" in height with a medium to large build (very toned with little mass). Has scars on both arms from a battle with a "Bad Blood". He also has "honor tags" on his forehead, and Bio-Helmet from past hunts/battles that he prevailed in.

Weapons: Setg'-in Paya prefers close combat situations, and so, uses mainly bladed weapons to hunt/battle with. His weapons of choice are: 1x Maul, 1x Glaive, 2x Shuriken's, 3x Smart Disc's, 2x Wrist Blade Gauntlets, and 1x Plasma Cannon (for strategic purposes).


Made short just for the story.
Thank you.
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[quote name='hunter's prey' post='64622' date='Jan 21 2008, 10:30 PM']Can we submit more than one character? I have an idea for a pred and a human, but I'm not sure if you'll let me do both.[/quote]

Yes, you can submit multiple.

Name: Bob "Rob-rob" Roberts--human

Bio (Short): Bob is just Bob. He's the kind of guy you'd trust with your house key, but only because he couldn't find his way to your house.
He was more or less drafted into the Corps. He does what he's told, but questions it every step of the way. It has been rumored that he stared into the sun through binoculars when he was young, but he has no memory of it. It is due to this that he is the "dumb muscle" of the group.

Facial Features/Body Features: Tall, around 6'7"
Bald (naturally grey hair, shaves head due to denial of said fact), bearded (brown with grey patches), tatooed arms. Weighs around 250.

Approx Age: (Human/Pred mainly) 32

Extra: Carries the biggest gun, always heard mouthing off to the enemy and quoting "Jerry Springer" episodes. Has a temper fierce enough that he has to carry a bottle of nitro pills for his heart. If he gets angry enough, ther's a large possibility of a heart attack.

Additional Comments: I kinda based this around my uncle- 32, bald, 6'7" hot temper, and (in my eye) the stereotypical redneck.

Pred registry in next post \/ \/ \/
Name: Xanatos - Predator

Bio (Short): Xanatos was born on the homeworld.... He stands out among his clan-brothers as the shortest. Often teased for the fact, he has learn to let it roll off of his back.
A fast thinker, he has gotten his small team out of more situations than he cares to remember. Only sent out on the field against humans or xenomorphs once, he has amassed enough trophies to cover one wall of his bunk on the ship, one of which is a predalien skull.

Facial Features/Body Features: P1 design, semi-muscular. See my avatar for coloration.
He is the shortest of his clan at 5'8"

Approx Age: (Human/Pred mainly) Predator age: 25, human age: 450

Extra: Gauntlets, minimum body armor normally. Alternates between no armor and bare feet and AVP style w/ dusters.
he often carries a sword claimed from prey. his gaunlets are a different model than those worn by the rest of the species. They do contain the detonation device, but it is concealed within the plating, unseen from the outside. the wristblades are a modular attachment.

Additional Comments: This also marks the backstory for my pred. Thought it'd be a good excuse to flesh it out a bit.
Name: Ye' kwen - predator

Bio: Ye' kwen was fathered by a clan leader and began hunting at an early age and was taught to fight with two wristblades and not to rely on his technology and as he was brought up by his father he took the traits of a leader and showed himself worthy of honor, once he became a teenager he started wandering off intno the wilderness on his own bringing back small trophies to show his father he was ready to become blooded

Facial Features/Body Features: short and small build

Approx Age: (Human/Pred mainly) early teenager (guessing about 234)

Extra: wears no chest armor or thigh armor and has 2 wristblade gauntlets

Additional Comments: likes to fight with his wristblades, has great agility and loves hand to hand combat
BTW, for human-to-pred age, I jsut multiply the smaller number (pred age) by 18 to get the larger number (human)
Hence, 25 X 18 = 450

So, RTP, your's would be 9.72 Yautjan years old. :)