Allow Me To Introduce Myself - 3D Printing Guru.


Hello All, 

This forum is fantastic and as a fan of Predator, I had to join. I work in design and manufacturing and am in the process of creating a Predator costume. I own a 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing business and would be very happy to print parts/molds for the costume.  I also own 3D laser scanning equipment to reverse engineer existing designs.   With our collaboration we could make extremely high quality costumes that would make Hollywood jealous! 

I look forward to reading up on the designs in this forum, and will be asking plenty of questions. Let me know how I can assist you with my expertise and equipment. Thanks in advance for all of the excellent work that you have shared. 


Went to your site--cool.  I have been exploring the laser sintering as well myself and the scanners. I have a scanner in mind. Obviously the question everyone here will ask is cost. Just a for instance-- what wold the cost be to do a 6" tall predator head only in resin with good resolution so there is minimal cleanup?  That should give everyone a good baseline.


Hello Eaglewood, 

When it comes to laser scanning, the sky is the limit, obviously you will not want to mortgage your house to purchase laser scanning equipment. So here are some options:

1. The nextengine 3D laser scanner :  $3500.00 This scanner is a good all around scanner that will not break the bank. There are other scanners that are similar, but the software included is pretty solid, and you will not be ripping your hair out trying to get a good scan. I use this scanner, and am happy with it. It does take some time to create a CAD model, but it is quite versatile once completed.  Software allows export in .obj, and STL format.  You can purchase CAD tools to export to STEP and IGES for further CAD refinement. 

2. 3D Systems Sense: About $400.00.  This is a very simple system and it makes a good model, but it is not detailed like the nextengine scanner. I own one of these too, and they are ok, but I would not recommend it for high detailed work.

Other options are $20K and up.  I would be happy to scan something for you if you want for a trade of some sort.  Once scans are created, they can be further modified/detailed in programs like ZBrush, Mudbox, or Blender.  Once refined in CAD they can be 3D Printed for a high resolution model.

3D Printing would come in handy for Armor as it would be rigid like real armor, but not as heavy. Hope this helps!