All's Well That End's Well


Figured y'all might like to see this---thanks Grusderk

I, in turn extend my hand to you, amigo. Let us go forward as fellow hunters, peace. :D

Hi carlart,

i just wanted to write you because we start with the "wrong foot".
Please excuse me if i offended you... the only thing i want is to be at peace with you.

We are yautjas, and honor is first.

So here is my hand extended to you, maybe is late to be friends, but we can be good neighbors.




im glad that is settled
very cool of you two to end the "feud"
both of you need to colaborate your ideas and make like a mechanicalshoulder cannon or something lol


Yea i did carl. I have figured out a way to attach the pieces together which hopeully will work around the issue i was having. Waiting for the parts to come from ebay.

While thats brewing i have started my P2 lower body sculpt. Armor sculpted on from waist down. Its taking a long time and i dunno if i will finish in time for halloween...


This is a sincere apology to Gene. I am really, really sorry. I knew it was a bad idea at the time, and I went ahead with quite possibly the most wrong decision I've ever made. I am sorry man. It was just one of those things, man. You'll never know just how sorry I am that I didn't put the condom on. I'm sorry brother.