Almost lost an eye tonight


Hi guys, just wanted to share with you an experience I had tonight that probably would have caused serious injury to my eye.
I was high speed grinding a resin casting with a stone attachment in my Dremel, when it flew out of the collet, heading for my right eye. With a crack, it bounced off the safety glasses I was wearing, saving my eye from possible permanent damage. Ironically, the damn stone is bullet shaped. I sat there and thought about what could have happened, and how precious eye sight really is, especially to us artists. Then I shook off the heebie geebies by going to the fridge and downing a beer.

Do yourself a favor and wear them f_cking safety glasses when working with chemicals and high rpm tools!

Thank You, that is all....

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glad to hear you were wearing the goggles carl, i've had a few close calls with the cutting wheel breaking off.

Since then, i'll never work without matter how much they "get in the way"

here's lookin at you kid...



Glad to hear you had safety goggles on Carl. It only takes a split second to do something that could be life altering forever. I was working after hours at a shop I was employed at a few years ago and was cutting some brass rods and thought things would go faster if I just blazed thru the rest of the cut with a dremel tool. I didnt put on glasses and just went to town... a tiny piggy tail curl of brass cut off ribbon flew up and hit my actual eye right in the white area and I dropped the tool still running and had to hold my eyelid open and have a very grossed out coworker take a tweezer and gently pluck the debri out before it twisted and bore into my actual eye. Now I wear safety goggles for anything that might be even rometly debri possible. Its nothing to mess around with, and just takes a second to put the damn things on.


glad to see that your allright carl, to think that ive been working with that exact same bit for 2 days working on some of my resin predator kits. i never even thought to use safety glasses while working on some model kits. well i'm im thinking about it now.


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Anytime I use my dremmel I put goggles on. All it takes is a millisecond to take your sight for the rest of your life...


Thanks for the words of wisdom and caution.

I've had dremel cut-off wheels shatter and go flying in multiple directions and value the protective nature of safety glasses.

add pouring hot lead into anything with any moisture/water to the safety goggles...I decorated my kitchen one afternoon doing hit everything but me...lucky!

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Well glad you were being safe. I was slitting a piece of wood on a table saw using my hands. I was taught in wood shop to use a cheater stick to push it throw. Well I didn't, the wood shot off the table saw hitting my hand. I went to go pick up the piece of wood and I couldn't grab it. I looked down and found that I was bleeding. After a closer look I notice the wood hand knocked my fingers off just after the knuckles. I went to the hospital and waited and hour to get in to see a doctor. The doctor took 3 hours to stitch my fingers back together. It didn't cut them off it smashed them off and my fingers look like ground beef. I have some bad scars but still have use of my fingers. Things could have be worse, so always remember safety first.


Glad to know you were alright.I've got like four pairs of safety glasses at home.I use them at
work as always need to be cautious all the time because you never know.


It's always good to hear about close calls (glad you made it out o.k.!), it helps remind the rest of us to work safely.


I am so glad I put the fear of Jesus in you Carl. Safety is PARAMOUNT when we are doing these things guys.


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I always wear safety goggles and ear protection. ... when doing the prop thing. Dust masks too.... when needed.


I have a scar over my left eye from a scattered 4" cutting disc. Safety glasses were in 2 pieces, and 6 stiches later was at it again. Was channeling my 1935 Ford Rat Truck. Glad to hear you r ok.


Predator understands so much better how important eyes can be to a hunter that's why they all wear bio helmets to protect them.



Wow!! That was one close fuckin' call. I am glad you weren't injured. I always wear safety glasses and a dust mask when grinding on resin or whatever. You just never know. I have one of those extension attatchments for my dremel, and I'm always worried about it coming apart and shearing anything and everything in it's path. But I guess it's better to be paranoid than apathetic.

One thing that I've noticed with this hobby, and it's no deliberate shot at anyone, but the lack of safety discussions. One thing I really liked about the ADI book was that there were multiple shots of artists working with masks on and such. Not some "Old Pro" who was just toughing it out because they'd built up a tolerance.

I deal with these kinda guys almost on a daily basis. "I don't need to wear safety glasses, or a respirator. I've been doing this long enough to know." That or "I've built up a tolerance to harsh chemicals. They don't affect me." Horse ****. It affects them something fierce!! And more often than not in a really gross way.

Safety first!! I know it sounds gay, but seriously, Carl could be blind in one eye right now. How much would that suck?


...A big, heaping lot!
A safety section is supposedly in the works with Faken and Cyberhunter collaborating on it.



Wow man that was close , i glad to hear that youre fine notning justifies to lose an eye for dont have any care when is working .