Almost the 30th aniversery of Star wars

its almost hte 30th anniveersery of star wars
since they put star wars back into theaters for the 20th aniversery in 1997 do you think they are goin to do it again?
i would love to see them be put in imax theaters


No but we might see more Dvds, figures, small toys in the cereal box, commercials with star wars.

Head hunter

well im looing forward to the big celebrtation.

im not going to Celebration 4 in L.A. becourse i cant afford it :) but im going as a Stormtrooper to the Celebration Europe in London with the fighting 501´st Nordic Garrison i think.

Does any of your guys go to Celebration Europe in London this year ????

Head hunter

that would be cool yes Faken.

just think to see the Great star Destroyers in space when the Imperial March is playing on the huge screen.........WOW that must look to cool :)