An idea to cut down on complaint threads


The Big Gunns

It seems like everytime someone has not received their props in a timely fashion, they make a post about it.
Then everyone who has not received things jumps in.
Then people who hate that prop maker jump in.
Then people who have never dealt with that person, but who have friends that have problems jump in too.
Then of course there are those who just like to shoot their mouths off and have no business even posting.

So what I am suggesting is something I saw on another board. In their signature they put items they are looking for and items they are waiting for (and how long). Since you add this to your signature (in your control panel) it will show up everytime you post. This might be something people may want to try.

The props makers may not be members of the board or post, but I they probably lurk. They will see this everytime you make a post.. and everyone else will see it to.

Just an idea.. what do you guys think?