Another AVP Armor sculpt


Here's the latest AVP armor sculpt... You can see the first piece (sculpt and finished piece) in the Skulls and Skins forum, as I mistakenly posted it there last week. Here's the new cod piece sculpt. Like the thigh armor in the Skulls and Skins post, this too, is scaled down slightly in size from most that are out there. This one is about 18" in length (as opposed to 22" for most that I've seen), so it should look much more scale to the average size suit. The width of the sculp is the same as the "standard" AVP cod piece that most people have, however, it will probably be about 1/2" narrower after the latex shrinkage. I should have the finished piece up in a week or so. Let me know what you think...

Scott (Mannowar)