**Another bio question...**



Hi all, first post here , but i ve been around for a while.

Fist of, sorry for my "sucky" english, i m a french canadian so ... my english kindda suck

Ok, here s my question.

I ve heard alot of things about bio.

Some 1:1 are too small to be use as costume...
Others are ok
It need to be 24" length
UK size .... ?? ( what us that lol ...never seen any "UK" size on ebay or anywhere hehe )

First of , i was thinking about this one , from Thailand:

** cgi.ebay.ca/SCAR-PREDATOR-1-1-SCALE-HELMET-K_W0QQitemZ6052821762QQihZ009QQcategoryZ4249QQcmdZViewItem

or maybe this one



or this one ( which seem identical to the first one...but more expensive )



and maybe this one too ... ( this one claim : It is fully painted This is not the smaller UK version of helmet you see around Ebay as seen in picture. This is a FULL SIZE real )


.......... what the F... is the difference between all of these mask

I m kindda confused right now lol .... i was thinking about the "thailand" one but ....are they the smaller version ? if not, why are they so "cheap ( $$ ) " ??? )

I hope you guys can understand my "english" hehe

Thank you very much ...

The Mortal Immortal

The thai bios are smaller and usually come worped. Way are they so cheap, come on; why do you think the us imports alot of their stuff and have them make their products. The uk version is small as well. I have alot of bios; not as many as NFB (Art) who make the bio on the last link in your post.


not ALL bio's made here in the UK are small, despite what people would have you believe.
There was however a certain Bio that came out a while ago that was noticably smaller than the rest.
Dont be put off buying a bio if its from the UK, ask the seller to send you pics with measurements,(for all Bio's not just UK) so you know what youre getting.


Aye, it's the 'Mysteria' Bios that are smaller. I have one, but the scale fits my size better, as I have an XS head (going by my crash helmet size)


the problem is it s hard ( for a noob ) to know which one is the "ok" size...or the real size. But i think the best way is to ask to the seller itself.

What are the "real" size exactlye ? ( scar bio helmet )

His 10" by 17.5" the real size ???