Another P1 Mask... Silicone And Animatronics Done.

So after a PM conversation I had today, I decided to share this. My goal will be a P1 like head for a mask.

I started long ago with a duck tape dummy of my head and shoulders. I paper mashe'd the inside to make a rough representation of my head. Last month I decided to embark on a mask journey.

To make this armature, I added a bulge on the back and a support on the chin. I'm hoping that no eyes won't bite me but I think I'll be good. I fiber glassed over the whole think and inserted a 2x4 in my neck and screwed it to the 12"x16" board. I realized I didn't like how the shoulders came out so I cut the shoulders off and made it all neck. If I want shoulders, they can be added later. Obviously, this is specifically for a pred head.

These two pics are from my progress yesterday.
Another goal of mine is not to dilly dally so this doesn't take me another year to do this. I used all the unused medium clay I had and so I turned to my sites on my sculpts that I won't revisit. Specifically, my Mask of Anubis.

I ran out of clay and I'm trying not to use my shin sculpts as I want to build them up again and make them bigger. I actually cut a hole in the back of his head to get clay for the mandibles.

I'll be adding more the throat and ensuring that I like the width of the head, the crown shape/angel and the mandibles.

Thanks guys, :D I didn't think this would be so well received. No, I'm not trying to finish for Halloween. Though, like I said, I'm trying not to dally and that might make that possible.

I mixed up some clay last night to blend the colors together of my hard and medium. Tan is my preferred color now but all my medium is brown. I think I'm going to end up buying some tan medium today since I don't think the head is big enough yet and I only had 8 pounds of hard.

The head is looking pretty harsh right now, I added some of my 'custom' color last night and I need to smooth it quite a bit since it was applied molten. I’ve never melted clay in a pot like that before, man that’s cool. One tip I saw someone use is dipping larger pieces in the melted clay and putting it where you want it. I tend to use a heat gun to melt the surfaces and apply the larger pieces. Which I will still do since I’m not going to be sculpting around a pot of clay. One thing I was able to do was move the sides out and pour in some clay that way. This is helping with preserving the shape and still making it larger. I'll have time tonight to sit down with it and get some progress done.

So, this is not all looking like progress I suppose. I'm way more comfortable with the overall shape now. The mandible are really just mocked up right now until I have more time to get to it. They won't look anything like that.


Ever foward,
Thanks guys,
Ya, the Neca had a run in with the Enlarge-his-head-inator.

Some progress, I'm happy I have the time right now to work on it. I won't be able to work on it as much as I like but I'm really enjoying this one.

Got some texturing started. I'm not super happy with the texture itself but I'm trying every technique I can think of.

On the right is before I started with the texturing. I filled the neck out forward to better match what I perceive as correct. I put the teeth in just for pictures, they seem to make the look.

Thanks guys, (y)
There's patients involved. I haven't worked on it as much as I've wanted because of a programming project.

He got a pair of eyes and I started my texture experiment on his eyebrows and forehead. I'll probably to the mouth a little the next time I sit with it.


Guan Thwei

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Damn shawn look you sculpt and build your suit makes me more motivated to get started on sculpted on something keep up the good work and maybe here soon I can see it in person (y)
Damn shawn look you sculpt and build your suit makes me more motivated to get started on sculpted on something keep up the good work and maybe here soon I can see it in person (y)
I'm happy to motivate it's just that I've been a little bit unmotivated this last week myself. I would have said come on over this weekend but I got some bad news at work last monday. Although with the turn out of the last Local Pred Gathering(LPG :p ) you might as well just stop by. (y)

I've been messing around with my electronics this week as a distraction, I got my programming class finished up and I can't start another class right away. I don't have the link for the video I uploaded last night but I'll try to put up a link tonight. I think I might as well say they're related. :ninja: