Any suggestions to what Predator comics or novels I could read?

Discussion in 'General Predator Discussion' started by Sedeka, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Sedeka

    Sedeka Unblooded

    I've just gotten into researching more and reading more within the predator universe, I'm quite new to the predators universe but I've grown up watching the movies, and I'd like to journey deeper into the stories, any suggestions on comics and novels?
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  2. Isubomo

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    Hi Sedeka! :D Glad you asked, not sure if you've already read it, but for me, what started me down the rabbit hole was the Graphic Novel series from Dark Horse, Aliens Versus Predator (comics) Aliens Versus Predator (comics) - Wikipedia.

    From there, read the next 2 parts, then I moved on to the Novels by Steve Perry, Aliens vs. Predator (novel series) - Wikipedia Aliens vs Predator: Prey, then Hunter's Planet and finally, War.

    Those alone provide an in-depth knowledge of the Predator world, or as the novels call them, Yautja. Which, though a lot of people don't take it for Canon, I know a lot of other people, like me, take it as our Bible.. ;P

    I can provide you with links or jpegs if you want of all those, just give me a PM :D
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  3. Sedeka

    Sedeka Unblooded

    Thanks Isubomo!

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