Anyone here watching Lost?


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Man, I love this show... A friend of mine told me some years back that I should download the series Lost, which I did and forgot about... In 2005, I caught a fiery fever, and I didn't feel like watching the same films over and over again, so I decided to give it a go. Somewhat puzzled after the first few episodes (and still), I got caught in the mystery.

Been a fan ever since, even bothered to show it to my girlfriend at the time, and her family afterwards. They loved it, got addicted like me.

Recently I got to know a girl, fell in love etc, but she is heavily into taoism, and explained a whole lot to me. Something must have upset her, we rarely talk nowadays and I don't have a clue. Anyway, her talking got my mind thinking on Lost again, and I think I can see the end game...

Are any of you as addicted to this as I am?


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I am into two tv shows - Lost and Heros. I have been wanting to find out what the hell is happening on that island ever since the first episode. Now I want to see how everything comes together because I have so many questions and very little answers...


My girlfriend watches it religiously and as such i watch it as well.

I watch it loosely tho.

I have to say this past episode that was on Wednesday the 14th! WOW!!!
And it sparked alot of conversation with me and my girl about timetravel and how possibly he isnt time traveling but that he is just reliving timeframes over and over. Which is what gives him FORESIGHT which is not really foresight but simply remembering a Past Experience in great detail. sort of an advanced DEJA VU.

Show it way cool, but sometimes annoys me...

For a while it annoyed me alot like the XFILES did, you never find out any absolute truth.


i absolutely LOVE Lost!!! My friend had the first season on DVD so i decided to check it out, watched the first season and was hooked from then on. It looks like alot of questions will be answered this season though, which is a GOOOOOOOD thing, lol.



LOST is one of the best shows on TV today, IMHO.

Amazing. Confusing. Mysterious. And very. very addictive!!!

My favorite character is John Locke.



Never seen the show yet...bcause i didn't have cable like forever! Now I do have it,but don't know if it's still
playing.Seems like an interesting show though.


I luuurrrve Lost, I watch it religiously. My favourite at the moment is Ben. Don't ask why, I just love creepy characters.


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I think I see the big picture of the show, it has to do with budhism and taoism.

Last episode was great indeed, and can be explained in various ways, all of which are interesting...
I would love to say a lot of the details on the LOST series ,but i can't. My cousin who lives in Hawaii worked for that show as a script supervisor, and she made me promised i would not say a world about the show and its content for the next season.......:) TOO Bad they had to let go Michelle rodriguez...but at least i meet her twice in location for BLUE CRUSH (in that movie my cousin was the script supervisor too and) was made in hawaii and met michelle again @ the SDCC too.


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So you've been spoiled. However I do hope the climax is better built than the one of Alias.

It's starting again in Januari, or was it Februari...

Gives me time to re-watch the series from start again.


Lost is genuis. I'm addicted. Locke is the most interestibg character.
I'm sure, however, that the writers are throwing in stuff with no idea what they're going to do with it.
Anyone know when the new series shows in the UK?


Really. Everyone LOVES this show? I feel like the guy at a wedding who's just got to spill the beans when the preacher says "Speak now, or forever hold your peace."

First of all, there is only one LOST, right? It's not like CSI where there's like four freakin' variants of the same show? Okay, just making sure that we are infact talking about the same show. I mean... Really? :)

I had a room mate who caught the LOST fever and always said how freakin good it was, so I joined him for a few episodes and found it to be laughable. How many twists and turns can you possibly shove into the small box of creative space that is bounded by a rag-tag group of people on a deserted island? Apparantly alot when you don't have to worry about sacrificing plot for MIND NUMBING GARBAGE.

I don't think this show is even okay... I just can't get into it... It's just so bad. I HATE LOST, lol.


Love the show...however....dont like how they keep changing up the schedule!!!! The show is awesome, but they are losing fan base big time....from what I hear largely due to the broadcast schedule. Last year...I think they ran 4 shows, then had something like a 2 month break! This year, they are not starting till february. Driving me crazy!!!!!!! And from what I hear, its only going to be half the season due to the writers strike. Probably best to watch the season on dvd. Since last seaon has ended....I watched 5 seasosn of 24 on dvd (another awesome show!!!!)....amazing how many characters from LOST have been on 24!!!

1. Jae-Lee (The man that teaches Sun english)
2. Charles Widmore
3. Desmond
4. Jin
5. Jack's Dad
6. Dave, Hurley's 'friend.'
7. Dr. Marvin Candle
8. Claire's psychic!


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Shiakin, guess you have to start at the beginning to really like it, to get cought.
Or can you give me an example of a good television series you like? Because many are FAR worse in terms of believability...


Personally I dont get what has everyone so caught up in this show. I have some friends who watch it religously and they will have weekly 'Lost' gatherings where a bunch of fans will get together and watch in awe. I went to one once and and left halfway through because it I just couldnt take anymore!!! Personally id rather watch 'King of Queens' or the new Terminator series......Id rather watch frickin wheel of fortune then Lost!


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It's intellectual in terms of writing, much like Frasier is more substantial than Friends/King of Queens combined. It's challenging; there are internal and external cross references, all detail (seems) to have a purpose, it's fresh and new and maintains tension very well.

My girlfriend always said to me she didn't like the show, because she watched it a couple of times, dropping in mid-season-mid-episode. But when I started at the beginning of season 1 with the pilot, she got hooked pretty easily...


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If you didn't watch it from the beginning you can't just start watching it. Its a fantastic show with lots of intertwined stuff that keeps you guessing all the time. There hasn't been a GOOD tv show like this since the X-Files. Lost is awesome...
I dont watch it... but I do have a question.... why is that guy STILL gigantic??? I mean..(from what I've heard). sure, he's had all of the mayo to himself.. but can mayonaise really keep somebody that fat?