Anyone One here selling this???



this questions allready been answered its a db predator 2 mask and ds pred 2 armor.


Hobbs, lets not jump the gun with the forum police. It was just a question to see if any Lair member was selling a specific ebay item. the link was used as reference. I love this forum...and the rules and regs are there for a reason, but sometimes people are too quick to slam a new member without really guiding them around. I owe many a member for pointing me in the right direction when I stepped out of the lurker realm and decided to say something. If I got slammed right away after my first new question, I'm not sure if I would have ever said anything after that. As for the ebay thing...c'mon...everytime a new member inquires about purchasing a suit he is redirected towards ebay. I think that checking with the other members for help on the background of an item was a wise thing to do. just my 2 cents.