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AVP2 Assistant Art Director interview

You'll notice towards the end that there wasn't a lot of money spent making this film. I'm pretty pissed off to hear that, considering that AVP's box office receipts were pretty good. Mix one part questionable script with one part lean budget and stir vigorously to create anxiety souffle.


Elite Hunter
Define "pretty good". AVP cost the studio around 45 mil to make, and roughly 25 mil to promote, and grossed barely 100 mil. If we were to say that was 150-200, then yeah, AVP did pretty good, but AVP barely survived it's own economy, thanks to a piss poor plot and other lame "improvements"...

I wouldn't bet on AVP2 to revive both series, but I think it'll be alright.


Define "pretty good". AVP cost the studio around 45 mil to make, and roughly 25 mil to promote, and grossed barely 100 mil. If we were to say that was 150-200, then yeah, AVP did pretty good, but AVP barely survived it's own economy, thanks to a piss poor plot and other lame "improvements"...

I wouldn't bet on AVP2 to revive both series, but I think it'll be alright.
I hate to say it but it's still making money, on tv all the time. 30 million take isn't too bad for a movie.


Hahahaha!!! Guess what I'm going to do now? That's right.

I worked mainly on the sewer set and the predator spacecraft. Andrew drew from his experience in designing Dawn of the Dead to create the creepiness of the sewer set. We wanted to keep the sewer relatively small so that the aliens and predators would look very menacing and horrifyingly huge in the set. In fact, when the predator is standing in full costume, he is over 8 feet tall!!!

Yes. He is. And the Alien (if true to the original) would be 7 ft. tall. But, who has the time to watch those old outdated "classics" to get any real feel for the movies. No, we'll just say that we've seen them and go from there.

On a sidenote - Flipping through channels late at night and landing on either "Predator," "Aliens," "Predator 2," or "Alien" for twenty minutes doesn't qualify as SEEING the movie.

AXP: As the setting is unique to both the Alien and Predator franchises, what kind of influences did you draw from the previous installments?

AL: For the Predator, we got a glimpse of their starship at the ending of the last AVP when we see one of their own lying dead on a Predator altar bed
What the **** was that opening crap in "Predator?" And that phone-home blast-o-lights that was the end of "Predator 2?" Not to mention that there were SETS built around the P2 ship. Remember the trophy room? Yeah, where all of this horse **** started.

AXP: This is the first film featuring the Alien creatures to be shot predominately on-location; was it a challenge to create new and convincing environments?

AL: What's unique about this Alien movie is that we finally see the Aliens invading somewhere that most people would be familiar with - small town U.S.A. In a sense, this puts the movie in the classic horror genre where some evil being is killing innocent people in places that were once considered safe. So by this measure, it was not difficult to create new and convincing settings. The Alien is an incredibly resilient character.
Whoa.. whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa... WHOA. This "Alien" movie? Call me a cracked out whore who has gone off her insulin.... but isn't there another "Alien" in the movie as well? If movie-makers where so intent upon bringing the Alien to Earth...why didn't they just do so? Instead of bringing the Predator in on this direct flight to bad idea town. Yeah whoopidy **** about the Alien. How about the Predator? The sequel to the first movie was left wide ******* open... and the best anyone could come up with is some comic-book ********?

AXP: Did you have a favourite set or location? Why?

AL: I liked the Predator spaceship. It's always more challenging to invent something that has never been seen before.
... **** all to the whole design team that came up with the ship and it's interior in Predator 2. Once again it gets the shaft.

AXP: What was the biggest challenged you faced during the pre-production concept design process?

AL: We had to produce a really good look for the movie in a short time without a lot of money. In a way, this is a very challenging and creative exercise because you are forced to be more creative to get the most bang for the buck.
And we all know how that works out. I'm sick of hearing this kind of ****. "We had absolutely no budget and no time." And this isn't going out to the artists and directors and editors... but to the studios themselves. If per-chance you gave them a good solid, and confident chance at putting out a good movie without the constraints of "time," they'd probably put out a good movie that everyone and their brother would go see in the theatre instead of downloading on the internet. But then again what's the point of seeing it in the theatre when you know it's going to be "last minute and low-budget" and just another movie you could download and watch at your leisure. Whether it's bad or not, you still have your TEN bucks and you could probably spend it on something better.... like beer, or porn, or what have you.
Well, it can't be much worse than Spiderman 3 or Pirates of the Carribean at Wits End, I already wasted 10.00 on each of those. Even if the Preds get wacked early on it will be worth seeing for me, but then I thought Concrete Jungle was good.


Skullsplitter- Define "pretty good"
You're splitting hairs :) Like I said, pretty good. Maybe I shouldn't have used the term "box office". BTW, you left out the DVD sales: DVD Sales It all counts.
Rob, you are so right!!!! I vote you the official pred-media critic of the Lair.


Elite Hunter
are you really expecting a great cinematic classic?.....

those days of low budget high expectation are long gone.....

If you read the winston effect you can get the sense from some of the statements made that PREDATOR was seen as the outcast project to work on. the unexpected success of it took all by surprise.

In P2 which now watching it i actually enjoy's a really just a variation on concreate jungle i pictured arnold playing the glover character...but not so chicken ****

as far as AVP2

we all know what the pred is going to look like...same with the xeno. so no surprises there..really all they can do is make the film intense and fast paced

to be 100 honest i don't really care anymore about the AVP series.... what can they show us that we haven't discussed, seen, read about....or created here on the lair?

I'm just looking foward to all those new goodies like figures, statues, cookie jars, super cool high quality halloween masks... burger king collectable cups :)

Let's call it what it is and stop dancing around the's going to be a money machine. hollywood is a business, if you think different you.... also thought spiderman was fantastic.

but anyway... they will keep feeding us this **** because they want us to build it to a fever pitch and then cash in on all the hype.

call me cynical but knowing more about the industry and the "real" deal behind it all. I am not supportive of the film.

i could be wrong...i've been wrong before



Elite Hunter
You're splitting hairs :) Like I said, pretty good. Maybe I shouldn't have used the term "box office". BTW, you left out the DVD sales: DVD Sales It all counts.
Rob, you are so right!!!! I vote you the official pred-media critic of the Lair.
Sorry for being provocative again Carl, it's just my nature of having a discussion. But yeah, DVD sales alone are huge aswell... I think AVP is one of the last films that had a ridiculous slow release world wide, ever since the release of films has been quite fast.

And I bought AVP twice, the Special en Unrated edition, watched both, prefer the latter for having just small adjustments, but I hate the fake blood, especially the running blood from Weylands mouth when he dies, that was just pathetic...


Rob! Rob! Rob!.......You crack me up :) I was going to quote you but there was so much quality material I couldn't just pick one thing. Despite your incessent rage and what I can only imagine as an incoherant mental breakdown as you repeatedly slammed your face into a wall due to the disbelief that once again Hollywood has (by the sounds of it) fucked it up yet again.

I have to say that you've got it about right. This movie is going to suck. We all know this, but it's not going to stop us from seeing it. It's like a funeral, we are all going to turn up to pay our respects. Obituary: The Alien and Predator are dead. The illness began with AVP and it became terminal with AVP 2, as a bunch of yee hars ran around hicksville USA with pitchforks and flaming torches!! Hollywood contributed to their long suffering demise by hiring writers straight out of kindergarten and letting the directors struggle to understand what all the scribble in wax crayon was really trying to say.
May the two greatest movie monsters of all time rest in peace.



Just when you thought Rob had it all sewed up on the critic award, Sinister adds some amusing and correct points as well. Another Siskel and Ebert? When the film comes out I look forward to both of your assessments! :) I'll need a laugh at that point after filling my hanky with tears from what promises to be a goat screw of biblical proportions. Like Splitter says, wonder how long it'll be before the DVD comes out as an indication of the suck factor.



Well, for my 2 cents... This is one of those subjects that will be debated heatedly, because we're all so close to it. Cinematic classic... of course not. They stopped making those years ago. Every now and then a Braveheart, Titanic or Dances with Wolves comes up, but those are few and far between. Face it... we, as a society on whole, settle for whatever we're fed. 10 years from now, we'll be paying $20.00 per movie ticket for crap that's even worse than what we're being force fed today. And it's not just movies... it's the cars we drive to the music we listen to. I've spent the better part of my life in the music industry in one facet or another, from player to songwriter to engineer to producer and the list goes on... Half the home studios in the country now have ProTools systems... put those in the hands of an engineer who doesn't know how to engineer, combined with a producer who knows nothing more than laying down beats and throwing in some horrible lyrics on top of them, then... as if the audio spectrum isn't already raped enough by the digital technology and poor songwriting and production, we convert everything down to MP3 format. Tonally, there's nothing left at that point. And kids will accept it because they've never known anything different, and kids are the primary demographic for music sales. They'll accept it because it's easy, convenient and cheap. Put some bad language and a disclaimer on it and they'll REALLY buy it up!

It's the same with movies... make 'em quick and keep the production and advertising costs below the profit line. That's all that matters... The only difference is, it's not cheap for the consumer. Hell, half the movies released over the past couple years seem to be remakes of movies from 20 years ago anyway. In my opinion, one of the problems is that no one reads anymore, here in this media dominated generation... as a direct result, imagination, as it pertains to script writing, has suffered, and in turn, the movies that we watch are not up to par. There's no more originality. And that goes for all genres... Action movies, comedies, horror movies... They all suck. They just don't make 'em like they used to... And it won't change until the consumer REFUSES to pay for the crap they're feeding us. If the entertainment industry had an entire year of flops, regardless of quality, it might open their eyes... but, alas, we'll still take our dates, wives and children to the movies every weekend, continuing to feed the out of control monster that is the movie industry.

To get to my point, whether AVP2 is good, bad or otherwise, I already know NOT to expect a cinematic classic... they just don't exist anymore. BUT... that's okay... because it does just happen to contain my two favorite movie critters of all time, so I'll be there watching, paying my $10.00 and watching the repeats on cable everytime it's on... and quite frankly, I WON'T be critical because it's what I've come to expect and unfortunately, what I've been forced to settle for. Because I know I won't get anything better. And if it turns out to be better than expected... well, that's just icing on the cake!
hi guys & gals,
i for one am going to wear my suit to the theatre (ie:suit up in the staff changing rooms/pre arranged months in advance)
then im gonna walk out,stand tall & proud, im gonna "be" a hunter for 30 minutes,thrill some fans,take some groovy pix with fans,
and answer questions from folks who wanna know "where i got my suit".
im gonna be asked "is it hot in there ?" a hundred,........and some fans (like me) are gonna trip-out on the fact that theyv'e just seen
a predator warrior for the first time ever.

im gonna then change back into my regular duds,buy a huuuuge soda,masssive pocorn,and sit back and watch the 2 most excellent cinematic creatures ever
created slug it out,and kill some no-name actors.......(lol,no offence actors....)

im gonna be "raped" once again,by the hollywood machine,and im gonna love it............
lots of us within the fan community have likely already made up our minds that AVP2 is gonna suck.
personally,ive already made my mind up, that im gonna love it.
after the films been and gone, gonna buy the dvd,then the special edition dvd,then the duo-boxed set,........then the toys,then the modelkits,then the posters..etc,etc,etc,........

and im gonna make no apologies,.........because im a hard-core fan.
this is gonna be a fun ride,and im lappin it up...........(one more thing,:bring on the adi AVP effects book for AVP2: adi,"you guys are awesome !!")