AVP 2 Dragon bio


looks like a good start. Only thing that jumps out is the snout, the snout on the one in the picture looked much more P2ish, where this one looks more P1ish, my only criticism thus far. Looks the part though, i was actually thinking of doing this one for quite some time but figured someone would beat me to it so i didn't bother, lol.



Bio looks really good. Just an idea take away the little spikes and add some thing like this on the side?



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dig the sculpt,,

just wish they (strausse bros)would have come up with something more creative.... since there is only one predator in the next AVP it looks like this is one we're stuck with


That's lookin' badass, Casey! Truly the helmet master. I really like that you posted progress pics, too. You can't beat an artist that's willing to share the progress of a piece from start to finish. I will for certain keep checking up on this as you progress. If it's any indication of your previous work, it's gonna be a bad-ass representation!

Two thumbs up!

On a sidenote about the general design of the helmet, I think it's a little too much fanboy-ish. Nothing to do with Casey at all, just about the design of the bio itself.


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I will always toot the lairs horn and say we've come up much more creative pieces here....."design wise" it almost seems like this piece it beneath your skill as a bio maker casey.


That's a good looking sculpt.
I wish I had an image of the new one to compare it to.
What are you basing this on?
I guess this is the design for the new helmet in AVP2?

Looking good so far..:)