AVP Alien Trophy head/sheild lifesize


As instructed, here I am to intro myself.
Glen Scott, straight outta Sudbury ON. Longtime Pred fan but now that my sapre time and money situation has been improved the last couple of yrs I decided to give costuming another try.
I had gotten into the Boba Fett fever for a while and churned out a nice custom suit, but now that it's done I think a real challenge and joy would be to build a decent Predator suit.

SO... Hi to all !! Looking forward to working with y'all.


The finish you got with the water clay is faultless, smooth as silk.
Painted head came out great too and I really like the biomechanical underside of the skull. Contrasts well with the more organic dome.


holy ****, that puts mine to shame, might have to repaint it.
glad you've finally got some painted pics, how longs it taken, 2 years?


Awesome indeed, I really liked its looks from the first pictures, it looks so menacing, wet and shiny on those sculpting pics :)