AVP Armor Templates By VinMan


So far Thundurkat83 everything I have printed out with MS Template viewer had been spot on size wise for me. I am using craft foam and a hot knife to cut these out a little more precise as well.


Young Blood
Is their a special way to print these templates? I seem to have forgotten how because Im printing these templates way too big then how they are suppose to be measured.


Awesome thread, I'm modifying this AVP armor to P1 armor. Couldn't have done it without this starting point, many thanks!

Tim Mucher

Thanks for posting all templates!!! They look awesome and have been very helpfull in our build!!!!!
Thank You

Big John

Vinmanmac thanks for the templates and the hours you spent on them, they are a credit to you. :p

I have tried printing them out but the always print out in a smaller size, I have followed the other ideas in the treat but I still have not had any luck. I don’t have any fancy programs and to top it all I am not very good with computers.

I did see someone said copy it to word and it will print out the correct size, I have tried that and still no luck, I must of got through 100 sheets of paper trying. o_O

Can any one tell me how to print them out? o_O

I have got all the things I need to make them all I need is the templates in 1.1 scale.

Many Thanks

Big John :D
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Steve Abbott

Don't know if it helps Big John, but i downloaded an old version of Corel Draw (12) and imported them into that. Perfect sizing and i didn't adjust a thing.


Just wanted to say a massive thanks for posting the templates, I am making my 6 year old grandson a predator costume to attend cosplay events and charity functions and theses have helped me out no end. I have added some pics of my progress so far. I am one grateful grandma!
2015-02-03 16.19.14.jpg


just want to thank Vinman for sharing all his hard work, I am really excited about having a go making some of these items.


Hey vinmanmac could you please by any chance finish the "avp" blades by making them like scar preds fully extended blades like the ones he uses to cut the dudes face off? Like this image attached. And get them sized idk how to do any of that lol

Would help tremendously thank you man!



Hi guys I am a new member to this site and this thread has been one of the most helpful tutorials I have seen yet.
I just want to thank you, Vinman, you have given me the inspiration to continue on my predator suit. (Do you even know how hard it is to get a armor tutorial on the Internet?!)

I found this Sinatra plastic on Amazon, could someone tell me if this is the one he was talking about?


Again.. Thank you so much Vinman for your awesome templates
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