AVP Backpack from scratch


simply amazing.cant wait to get rolling on my suit you and everyone on here are great inspirations for me.thanks to all.


I know that this thread has been dead for a while, but this thing is amazing!  On par with professionally sculpted pieces! 


I've decided to dive in and follow this method in making a Backpack for my Fiance's Pred build.





Obviously this is in the very early stages. I bought the electrical conduit as VinMan directed, and used that as a basis for scale for everything else.

I eyeballed his template for the "scales" that go on top of the conduit, drafted it out and cut out three of them and glued them on. Then I started on the base of the backpack. VinMan appeared to have made his out of several layers of Sintra with a balsawood top. I used EVA foam mats instead to save on weight, and topped with one layer of Sintra with the designs cut out.

Then I fashioned a "bracket" to hold each end of the conduit above the base. That's as far as I've come so far... I'll be working on the sidewalls tonight, and then moving on to the surface details.
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Thanks! I was very conscious when making this of trying to save weight wherever possible. I used foam for far more of it than i had anticipated because of this.

A HUGE debt of gratitude is owed to VinmanMac for coming out with this to begin with! :)


Coming along nicely. And my AVP Cannons are a great match for these AVP Backpacks. ;p We have a Vers. 2 UBER AVP Cannon coming soon btw. Lighter suit friendly version. Keep up the great work!
Wicked gave you got any pics or where to buy them?


Vinman not only are your templates a godsend, but your building skills are remarkable, keep it up. If you ever have to get rid of any I will be
happy to take them off your hands (hint hint)....
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