AVP costume (need help!!!!!)


I'm very new a costume building and want to make a good looking costume without a huge price. I really need to know how to make the whole costume. I have an idea of using craft foam but i still need alot of help. Also is it worth it to buy the $70 mask and gloves or make your own. Please Help!


Hi welcome 2 the lair..im still new myself and making a AVP pred costume..im gonna be useing a variety of stuff to do it..sculpting lil bit of that.Craft foam is good for it also cuz u can mold it and then pull cast.Theres all kinds of ways just depends on how much money ur willing to spend if u need any help or advice just PM id b glad to give it 2 u. and about the 70 dolar mask i dkn unless your talking about the delux 1 that come with faceplate i plan on buying that..i dont think im gonna use gloves i might just use halloween makup and paint my hands while using real leather gloves.



Welcome to The Hunter's Lair!!

Be sure to read through the all of the topics and sections here on the Lair. Especially the Tutorial section. There are some great tutorials on building a budget Predator costume. I've learned a ton of useful information on making some the Predator costume parts that I sell. I even have a Predator mask that I sell raw that would work out much better than the official Rubies mask.

There are also some great tutorials on creating costume parts and armor out of foamies.

There's a wealth of info just waiting to be discovered here. So kick back, get your CD's ready to save tons of reference pictures and go to town!!!



Ok, first off the mask. I have one and it's pretty nice, but it is HUGE! seriously. The hands are a waste of time to be honest. Far too big and have stupid moulded gauntlets on them.

There's a weath of info on this site regarding suits and tutorials on budget suits.

Foamies or craft foam is great for making armour. Get some of that and get hold of some spray paint.

If budget isn't an option and you want to spend $3,000 a costume, there's a thread on this site about getting hold of one. Also I'm sure there is a full costume for sale in the members items for sale section....But I think that was a P1/2 style costume.

Ebay at the moment has some AVP armour for sale.


Check out Mumbakis suit thread. It is the best on low budget and regular available items to build a suit.


I'm very new a costume building and want to make a good looking costume without a huge price. Also is it worth it to buy the $70 mask and gloves or make your own.
The average price (ending bid) on eBay for the Rubies Deluxe mask (with helmet) is closer to $35-40 (plus around $9 for shipping). If you shop around there are a few reasonable sellers out there (toynk). Stay away from any that charge the full $70 price! I haven't received mine yet (just bought it a week ago). I really don't like how the lower mandibles are attached to the sides of the mouth, but it is all I could afford. I'm also new here and this is my first Pred costume attempt.

They are coming out with a full AVP costume soon (says it ships in August). It only has a 3/4 size mask (not 1:1 scale) and you'd still have to make Wrist Gauntlets for it, but the Armor sculpts are very cool! I don't really care for the fake netting jumpsuit though. DELUXE-BRAND-NEW-ADULT-PREDATOR-COSTUME-LICENSED-AVP The same seller has an upgraded version with the Deluxe mask & helmet for $50 more, but as I said, you can probably find those at a lower price from other dealers.

So far I've bought the mask for $45, a Wolverine muscle costume to use as Pred skin (yellow version from X-Men comics) for $35 and plan on making the hands and feet from cheaper latex Halloween versions. Add some hockey pads & shin guards (or make the armor from plastic buckets) and you've got a costume! I bought a cheap watergun to use as a Plasma Cannon, but I also like the idea of converting a Fake CCTV Camera into one. Other guys have made Spears from various telescoping devices like camera tripod legs. Browse the forum and you'll see some amazng ideas! Good luck!