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    The dreads will stay black I should have been clear.The mask Is what I am getting ready to paint
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    You tube subscriber no 11
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    Getting ready to mold right glove then pour latex for both hands once mold is complete. 4D1F3692-1F70-4AC8-A6E9-97EDF4DC44C4.jpeg
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    I found some time to paint the Cannon .
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    I agree! Nice! I need to get me one.
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    W.I.P bomb gauntlet housing sculpt .
    C03F9F88-A997-46DC-B4A3-14412B57A030.jpeg 4F1A4B0A-795A-4711-A517-0D910C85A59D.jpeg E62300D3-93B0-4B3C-A838-02D0FF7C2E5C.jpeg 2749DC40-C13F-4058-BB7A-00A1833D345F.jpeg 4782E3BF-9C39-4221-B39B-4C4E62683EAA.jpeg
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    Looks AWESOME vebo!
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    Getting ready 61715926-08DE-4110-8AC8-ECD0062F7BFE.jpeg FE94FC1B-9D95-4742-B099-657FAA791132.jpeg





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    64F1B38D-37F9-4B7A-9BEE-330541FDC5D7.jpeg 655C48F2-AD82-4A47-8FE9-D37BEE8B5174.jpeg F2F27409-7FCB-4776-9BC3-4FAB3F0125F6.jpeg E86753C8-07A6-468B-A3C2-3AE767E71D84.jpeg 37B3A9C6-570F-4B8D-9BE8-ABF1E1E08037.jpeg EAAAD873-C10F-4560-B40A-482CB53D1FE4.jpeg 94052F66-9FB7-45CF-8DA9-27863C0CBFFC.jpeg

    The easy part is complete and some clean up is needed. It needs sanding to reduce some of the weight .The lighter the better . Needs Hinge , complete detail on the actual foam gauntlet .Solder all the parts, test and combine it all together.


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    Hey vebo,, I don't understand, first you do a clay model of a template.. then you pour ( what ) into the boxed template.. it dries ( I'm guessing) then you peel it from your clay mold?? Please explain so I can learn this process, it's very interesting to me. ( The blue stuff turns to white stuff?? )
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  15. munson

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    Good work on your build.

    Texas Predator. It looks like he just made a basic block mold. The blue stuff is the mold, in liquid form. After it cures, he cleans out the clay and pours in resin (in liquid form). After that cures, he has his gaunlet lid.

    Smooth-on has a few videos on it too.
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    THANX munson, I wanna learn all of this stuff after my duct tape build of my PREDATOR costume. I wanna do what you guys do, I feel like I can do it.. I wanna try it.
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    Ok no problem this is for a one piece mold .
    1st — create the clay mold .

    2nd -box in the clay mold using foam board Seal the corners using hot glue.

    3rd-spray interior of the mold and box with a release agent .

    4th - prepare the silicone rubber . The one I used was oomoo 25 from Smooth On. You mix equal part of the silicone and mixed real good. There are math equations to compute the volume . I just guesstimate lol.

    5th - pour silicone into the mold box.

    6th let it cure completely usually 5 hours.

    7th -once it cures remove the foam
    board. This produce the negative of your original clay mold .

    8th—this step the plastic is mixed.Pour water in the silicone mold to get the correct amount them dump it out . This amount will be use to measure the silicone or you can just guesstimate.Whatever the amount is 1/2 will be part A and the other 1/2 will be part B when pouring the plastic . Ex.2grams of part A and 2 gram of Part B . Spray mold release in the cavities of the silicone not too much just mist it . Let it dry .
    I use Smooth cast 65d plastic from Smooth On . Pour parts A and B together Mix well then you can add dyes to the plastic then pour it in the mold this turn to plastic very fast .Mix time is less than a minute so you must pour it quick and you will be done.

    My video of the Shuriken will show the process as well
    Hope this helps
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    Thanks Munson!!

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