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Discussion in 'General Predator Discussion' started by RedBaron, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. RedBaron

    RedBaron Unblooded

    Hi all, I'm kinda new here and thought I'd do something usefull for the community while I wait to start putting together a suit. I noticed the very in depth screenshots threads by PredatrHuntr and that he didn't want to do AVP. So I spent a few hours today watching the movie in slow motion and taking a lot of screenshots for you AVP fans. I tried to get the clearest shots I could and shots that showed different angles on the armor and weapons. Mod's feel free to sticky edit or delete all ya want. Enjoy.

    EDIT: 01/13: I've been outa the loop for a while sorry guys. I dont know why the pics disapeared but rest assured as soon as get home in two weeks I will have em back up, until then you can follow the link below to see my photobucket album containing the pics. (Big thanks to Double D for providing the link in my absence)


    There ya have it, hope it helps you. Pay it forward.
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  2. MightyHunter

    MightyHunter Blooded

    Dam. Love the quality of these pictures.
    Sticky this mods!

    Looking at these pictures makes me really hate the bulkyness of the Predators.
  3. Bovine13

    Bovine13 Hunter

    I have to say...looking at these pics has made me truly realize how bad, cheap, and half ass the masks are in this film. I have just lost even more respect for ADI. Those suits cant even begin to come close to the quality, realism, and look of P1 and P2. Thanks for the pics, they will help many members in there efforts. But, those masks and puppy dog eyes are damn shame.
  4. hellonearth

    hellonearth Blooded

    unfortunately that was also what i was gonna comment on too. don't get me wrong, im sure many of us really appreciate your efforts (including me) and the caps are excellent quality, but yes, holy SHIT! those maskless scar caps at the end do just have so many fucking things wrong with them, those goofy mandibles, how the flap between top and bottom is all folding and buckling out of control (i've noticed every other time i've watched it too but damn!!!) the skin just looks like puddy or somethin, my god what was adi thinking?!?!i swear the skin flaps looks like the dogs nutsack that got stuck to the porch in "joe dirt" FUCK!! now
    if those were the first preds ever, i'm sorry to say that creature would've just been more background noise in the sea of sci fi movies, and while woulda still been "cool" it wouldn't have meant anywhere near as much to me, just not the same feel at all, everything about it.

    luckily, they weren't the first preds ever :D and these caps couldn't be any better, unfortunately the source is the issue i have, not your work buddy :D thanks for all the detailed shots (except for a few at the end there, some of us probably didn't need to be reminded) but thank ya!!
  5. RedBaron

    RedBaron Unblooded

    Hey your welcome guys. Believe me AVP predators are my least favorite. The super hero, barrel chest, extra teeth, goofy mandible look doesn't quite do it for me :D I noticed a couple things while watching this. Number one, the DP of this film loved shooting the preds from the chest up at a full frontal view. After watching the movie and going through my caps I deleted about 20 that were the EXACT same shot with varying backgrounds...Also noted that with the exception of bio's and gauntlets that the three 'teenagers', the four preds that removed scars body, the elder, and the preds from the past all wore the EXACT same armor. So I could believe that maybe they are a clan of beefy predators as im sure that preds come in alot of different sizes and colors and I could faintly imagine that maybe these preds are part of the Predator National Guard and that's why they have the same armor but to me it just seems a little lazy as i'm sure this film had a budget that could have allowed for a couple more armor sculpts. Personally I plan to start on a slightly customized P1 as soon as my income tax return gets here. With all that being said I know that there are fans of AVP and I did this for them not me.
  6. MightyHunter

    MightyHunter Blooded

    I just dont get why they did the bad things they did. Human Puppy Eyes, Huge Bulky Bodies, Flapy Maskless Jaw.
    I do love some scenes but if they paid attention to the details of the original predator and had a better story arc, im sure this movir would have been better. Lets not get into AVPR now..
  7. Bovine13

    Bovine13 Hunter

    If they had only kept the bios on!
  8. Blade3327

    Blade3327 Blooded

    These are some stunningly gorgeous shots, quality-wise. First image is my favorite. That red comp reflection looks beautiful. Perfect for a cyber-pred lens effect.
    I don't mind the AVP designs, especially since their armor rocks and they're more like the beefy, military type of Pred.

    The pictures also helped me understand what was goin' on when Celtic's wristblades shot out backwards. Now I can tell they came out normally, then spun around... Although there's not much room in the gauntlet holes for that, so I can't give too much respect to the editing depertment. Ah, well. He very well could've cut that Alien's tail using his blades normally (after all, why bother sharpening those ridges on the top if you're not gonna use 'em?).
  9. WarpedFX

    WarpedFX Hunter


    This pic shows how crappy the "mask" was... Nothing against the capper, really because he did a phenomenal job, but ADI really dropped the ball with Scar. God what a fucking terrible design.

  10. hellonearth

    hellonearth Blooded

    i always thought that too, but they needed "gimmicks!" and that shot in between up and down looks all blurry down there, shame on them...

    and personally if one more predator shows up on film where the creators couldn't make a head that would fit under the damn bio, or vise versa, i'm gonna freak out!!! don't get me wrong, i love wolfie, and his bio, but i still wish there wasn't so much extra chin and jaw visible from the side, im not doggin' the wolf, it's so much worse on scar, but i wouldn't want any part of my face stickin out if i fought xeno's all the time. even with the over sized jaw portion of the scar bio, they still couldn't cover all that jaw!!! if they didn't have five extra pounds of unnecessary mechanics in there it might've fit, probably the only reason the chopper and celtic bio's even fit there owners so well is cause we would never see there faces, so they didn't need anything more than an undermask, and that's fine! i just wish they would've had both for scar. a little chicanery goes a long way.

    now i could be wrong, if anyone has seen any behind the scenes, and scar does just have an undermask when wearing the bio, then there is just no excuse, ADI acts like they watched predator once many years back, was just workin off some distant, not so detailed, memories and just said "fuck it, we got plenty of money lets just make our own!! chances are the kids watching this haven't even seen the originals, so there's basically nothing to compare us to!!! lets make all the predators wear all the same armor (except scars little belly flap) that way we'll save alot on molds, chalk it up to misc. expenses, and pocket the extra!!!! horay for us we're so smart!!!" it's just a damn shame the makers of P2 spent, probably, most of their budget on a bunch of (pretty individual, as far as the look of each one, yes i know some swapped parts and what not) suits that would get used for one single, INCREDIBLE scene and basically get tossed after the movie was done shooting, and these guys just got greedy, and lazy, plain and simple.

    now i know this topic isn't called "let's bash AVP" but sometimes my convictions get the best of me, so i apologize, i can't thank you enough for taking the time to do this (since no one else would) but unfortunately this thread having the movie under a microscope is probably gonna bring more negativity than praise, but so it goes, back to topic. :D
  11. xdmray

    xdmray Elite Hunter

    not to jump on the bandwagon, but scars paintjob looks like i painted it. meh.
    thanks for the hours it took to capture these!
  12. Out of all the scenes in the movie this has to be the one I hate the most. The animatronic rig is poking through the bottom mandibles, and the mask itself just looks like it's melting. Just a really poor job on the suit construction, what a shame.


  13. WarpedFX

    WarpedFX Hunter

  14. PredatrHuntr

    PredatrHuntr Veteran Hunter

    HAHAHA Lookit the furrow on Scar's brow!!!!
  15. Bovine13

    Bovine13 Hunter

    I can hear Scar whimpering.
  16. PredatrHuntr

    PredatrHuntr Veteran Hunter

    HAHAHA! Wimpering like a dog thats been beat one too many times!
  17. Those are really good quality still shots.What program did you use to get the screen captures?They will be useful for refrenceses.

    Thanks Daren
  18. WarpedFX

    WarpedFX Hunter

    and the best part is... we all know it's true.
  19. UglyMoFo

    UglyMoFo Blooded

    If I disliked Scar before (I did!) than I hate him now! He doesn't even deserve to have a pic next to P1. P1 says: "THIS is what a Predator looks like, bee-yotch!"
  20. hellonearth

    hellonearth Blooded

    anybody notice on the pics at the top where we first see those curvy ass armblades come out, they did the whole "film flip" and they're on the wrong arm!!! do they just think that no one will notice!!! that's about the most lightly hearted complaint i have about this movie, you don't wanna here the rest
  21. MothMonty

    MothMonty Hunter

    Pics are awesome, ever wonder why Chopper had a human skull banner thing
  22. WarpedFX

    WarpedFX Hunter

    look how fake the arm looks...

  23. Blade3327

    Blade3327 Blooded

    @Hellonearth: Actually, those frames were flipped upside-down. Therefore, they must be a reflection of some sort. If this is true, then they are indeed reflecting the right arm .
    You don't just rotate the image of turn your head. Literally flip it vertically in MS Paint and you'll see it's the right hand.

    However, if this isn't a reflection, then that's a huge error. Plus it would make people wonder "Why the heck did they need to flip that picture upside-down, anyway?" They could've just posed the Predator rightside-up with his arm in a different pose. Jeez...
  24. Damn these are great! thanks for putting these up!
  25. Skullsplitter

    Skullsplitter Elite Hunter

    crisp and shiny!

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