Avp Screenshots *174 Large Pics* Pics Back (Kinda)

Discussion in 'General Predator Discussion' started by RedBaron, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Great quality pics
    Shame about that bloody Scar!
    Thanks for sharing :lol:
  2. RedBaron

    RedBaron Unblooded

    Thanks guys, @predatorhunter34 I used AVS Media Player to take the screenshots. I usually use Cyberlink PowerDvD but it didn't recognize the video format so this was the first time trying out the avs and I think it worked out quite well.
  3. munson

    munson Hunter

    I like the concept of the movie. Staging that the predators helped early man build pyramids, etc. . .The costumes are a bit bulky, but there are 11 known clans. They could all be of different clans too.

    Just a thought.
  4. DarkFlamePredator

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  6. cayman shen

    cayman shen Blooded

    Thanks for doing this--I never noticed that all the Preds, all throughout thousands of years, wore the exact same armor...sigh. Pretty cheap.

    But the real shock is Scar's mask. His mouth is just one uniform pink, like a Barbie Corvette or something. It looks like it was done with Wal Mart craft paint. Awful.
  7. floeter2010

    floeter2010 Unblooded

    scar looks like that scared puppy in a window begging for someone to help him, or buy him, and teach him to do more then, look obese and be a pansy....

    how could they butcher a design so much?
    Hollywood is amazingly dumb sometimes


    case and point
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  8. JehdinThwei

    JehdinThwei Hunter


    So are some forum members. :D
  9. Skullsplitter

    Skullsplitter Elite Hunter

    Flip it 180...
  10. jasp

    jasp Blooded


    in the last 2 photos of scar in this he seems to have plucked all his eye brow quils,at one point there go near the centre of his brow then there gone...image is everything when on his first date with the queen xenomoph :(
  11. floeter2010

    floeter2010 Unblooded

    The original pred pic was a shot at hollywoods directions sometimes, Im aware that isnt the scar...lol
    Sorry If i didnt make that clear enough.
  12. TropicsPredator

    TropicsPredator Unblooded

    Lol Hey don't be scar hating to much guys I Love scar based my suit on scar lol, I don't like the face either, But I do like the body builder preds maybe they can rival well with the new preds or something.

    I love the armor, agreed about the no armor change in the years they should have made the older ones with p-1 style or something, but however it is like ritual maybe that was armor of there ancestors or something.

    Regardless I like AVP better then AVP R

    AVP could have done allot more with the movie, I would love to see a 3rd and final AVP that would really pick up what all of the series (except the first) is missing.

    Just feel like more can be done that isn't there.
  13. ofak

    ofak Blooded

    Thank you for putting these pictures up, they are great for reference. Wow you guys are right about some of the terrible effects on the masks. And the thumb? Oh my god really?
  14. Dracon

    Dracon Blooded

    any more images of Lance Henriksen & Scar? Need reference for sketch.
  15. made007

    made007 Elite Hunter


    i think nobody beats P1 roar
  16. kroenen77

    kroenen77 Blooded

    Pics are not working. :(
  17. GTAtomten

    GTAtomten Unblooded

    I have a theory on why their suits of armor are the exact same. They went to earth solely to hunt aliens, as told in the movie. It's a maturity test.
    So their suits are made specifically for alien killing. You know, maybe special forging techniques to make the pieces more resistant to the acid blood and such.
    Also explains why the wristblades are so freakishly long, it's best not to come too close to those aliens.
    On the other hand, in the movie the armor pieces and the blades melt away like ice cream in the summer when exposed to alien blood, so it doesn't quite hold up....
    Oh, and the pictures aren't working anymore
  18. berserk wolf

    berserk wolf Hunter

    Geez. What happened to the pics?
  19. Double H

    Double H Elite Hunter

  20. Paytertot

    Paytertot Unblooded

    Very nice Hunter! Thanks for the find.
  21. cykninja

    cykninja Unblooded

    Awww no more pics

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