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Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by Shai tan, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Shai tan

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    Hyas all. I am now starting to make the AVP spear attempt. I got an ADI pic from Usurper. Blew it up so that the hand holding it was the same size as my hand. The spear measures 36 1/2 inches tip to tip.

    The Sideshow spear I blew up so the handle matches the ADI book spear being held by a hand, both are 2 inches thick, but the Sideshows legth is a whopping 48 inches. NOT the advertized 41 inches. So I am now gonna try to get the /sideshow pic to 41 inches length and see how it looks. Slogging on.

    Once I get the length, I will startart on the center pieces.


    ok, got it to Sideshows 41 inch length tip to tip. Here we go. ;p I don`t know if this is right. As in, accurate, but I am going with it.

    IF ANYONE has any changes in length they feel I should make, start yelling within the next 2 days. Once I start, I go. ;p
  2. Usurper

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    wooohoooooo :D

    Keep this thred chugging along buddy :p
  3. Unblooded

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    Are you making a Closed replica or one that will extend??? the spear that I built (which extends) is about the size of the blown up ADI one you mentioned & when it is extended it is WELL over 7 foot
  4. Shai tan

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    I went really ambitious with the details/sculpt of the AVP UBER cannon, and on making it so it will actualy do the recoil movement if someone wired in some remote control actuators. But the only person to date who came close to making it totally remote control was FarScape1.

    For this prop I am just doing a 41 inch long AVP spear in the closed position. If someone wants to mod the spear on their own to open and close, all the power to em. The same attention to detail I put into the UBER cannon, will go into the spear.

    I`ll doc with pics as usual.
  5. Usurper

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  6. Usurper

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    Any updates G?
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    mmmmm...spear..... :) Must save money...
  9. Usurper

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    oops did i BUMP into you Gary.
  10. Usurper

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    Comon Gary make with some news.
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    Hey guys. Possibility if I can get a copy of that pic sent to me as well. I am going to start my AVP spear build soon. It is good to have it as a reference. I would appreciate it.
  12. M77

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    Sorry dude, you are replying to a 9 year old thread, with participants that have not been seen on the forum for between 1 and 7 years...

    I think you'll have more luck in the 'predator armory (props)' section. You'll surely be able to find some info on building a spear there.
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  14. Air Elmo66

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    Thanks Lunatic. Appreciate the help (y)(y)(y)
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    Im try to get bigger pictures of the avp swirl pattern on the handle so I can try to pass it onto the spear. Whatever is online is not helping. Pics are small or they are too dark. If anyone has bigger pics of the spear who would be willing to share. Thanks in advance. I will props sections as well..
  16. LunaticNic

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    Found this online, not sure if this is of any help to you?

    maxresdefault (2).jpg
  17. Air Elmo66

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    (y) Perfecto. Thanks....
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