AVP2 News

Rakai Thwei

There are a lot of Pred fans hoping that movie is more like the first movie in design. Time will tell...

Actually, time has told-- it is official as stated by Ian Whyte (AVP, and now AVP2) and the studio designers as well as the Strause brothers that they have gone back to the original PREDATOR design. This Predator will be athletic, much like the first two Predator films.

So yes... we are looking at the first movie design.



Sorry about that. Ya does look like Alien 3. The paint is horrendous. Such a nice sculpt. The face looks just like the AVP pic.

Don Jarr

Hi all

I would like to see aliens born from different animals. In Alien 3 the alien grew inside bull or cow (Well in the book and special edition, dog in the std film. If you haven't seen the special edition Alien 3, its a huge improvement of the cinema release and follows the book much closer.) so it was slightly different to the ones from humans. It would perhaps be good to see aliens that’s have come from humans as well as other animals.

However all we really need is aliens and predators fighting, and humans as cannon fodder, (Its all we’re good for) Oh! And lots more gore

in AVP2, they should make the queen, if they have one, be laying eggs in a zoo! then we can see a hole lot of different aliens !

more gore is only good if it is placed it terrifying areas


Reminds me of the Queen with the legs and hoofs being quite similar.

THe head shape does look like the AVP2 pic.

Wonder if it could be huskie bred alien which is why its so similar to the Dogalien.

Lets hope the Pred is up against "proper" aliens and not just these running about.

Mano o Mano