avp2 Pred in progress

Deadly Blade

Hey guys, after seeing the AVP reqiuem trailer i have decided to make my pred suit based on the predator from that movie.
i just want to know what you guys think? B)


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finally someone wants to do the new suit... B) I was wondering how long it would take....

**** that new predator looks so bad ass i would even like to say that i would like to build it as well

well the bio and cannon would be a great place to get started, while we wait for better reference images to show up... I'm sure they will be coming out with all kinds of "making Of" books and online featurettes.



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Id contemplated changing the design of my pred on the basis of just the trailer :D

maybe not this one, but film pending its one to look into eh.

by the look of the few shots you see with any light, he seems to have more of a yellow/green colour than previous preds, although i could be seeing things B)

Mr Fett

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It is a cool looking Predator. I say go for it! Wait until you get some good reference pics, though.