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Two years ago, two of science-fiction's most explosive beings came to Antarctica and wreaked havoc. Next year, they will come again and wreak havoc in a place with more prey than Antarctica…America.

Alien vs. Predator 2: Survival of the Fittest is the anticipated sequel to the 2004 film, Alien vs. Predator. The plot of the film is currently unknown, but there is much speculation circulating the Internet, especially after the controversial script review Mortiary posted on Ain't It Cool News was removed. So far, it has been it has been confirmed that the film will take place in a small town somewhere in the USA. The specific location is still unknown, as well as any other plot details.

Actual filming is taking place in Vancouver, Canada. The set is closed to reporters and fans at the moment, though.

AVP2: Survival of the Fittest is scheduled for a tentative release date of December, 2007.



Colin Strause
Greg Strause

Writing Credits

Dan O'Bannon (characters)
Shane Salerno (screenplay)

Leading Roles
Reiko Aylesworth ... Kelly
Shareeka Epps ... Kendra
Gina Holden ... Carrie Adams
David Hornsby ... Drew
Johnny Lewis ... Ricky

Supporting Roles
Kristen Hager ... Jesse (unconfirmed)
Ty Olson ... Nathan
John Ortiz ... Sheriff
David Paetkau ... Dale

Produced By
John Davis ... Producer
Paul Deason ... Executive Producer
David Giler ... Executive Producer
Wyck Godfrey ... Producer
Walter Hill ... Executive Producer

Behind hind the scenes pics
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Hey cool, my old friend Ty is in it! Ty and I attended the same arts school in Ottawa.. it's basically a high school that specializes in drama, visual arts, music and dance. Cool to see Ty getting some roles.. he was in X-Men 2 (The guard that gets it on with Mystique then gets all the lead pulled out of his blood by magneto) and a few other flics. Weird that IMDB doesn't have him listed though as a cast member on AVP2.



kelly,kendra,carrie,drew and ricky???....... sounds like the line up for a american idol try out.

man i miss the dutch, dillion, blane, poncho days


You ain't kiddin'. That is NOT a line-up of folks you'd want defending the planet against preds and aliens. Maybe you would if there were Friend-ators as Rob once put it.