Avpr Sound Effect Help?

Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by Agent Everfree, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Agent Everfree

    Agent Everfree Unblooded

    Hello there 

    I'm new here and stuff and have been looking around to build a predator costume to make and maybe make a film with.
    but I'm having trouble getting sound effects

    I found a few nice ones around but some are not what I'm looking for and I can't find 

    The sound I'm mostly looking for are  

    The alarm from AVPR 

    The Plasma Casters for AVPR

    Mask removing sound

    Lock on sounds 

    and some over basic sounds if anyone could help out that would be awesome 

    thank you for your time 
  2. wonko

    wonko Hunter

    I have just about any sound you could want.  PM me with your email address and I'll be happy to send em your way.

  3. Agent Everfree

    Agent Everfree Unblooded

    sent thank you
  4. wonko

    wonko Hunter

    Sounds sent.

  5. Agent Everfree

    Agent Everfree Unblooded

    I got them, they sound great. sadly there are no AVPR sounds but there still good thanks 
  6. Guan Thwei

    Guan Thwei Elite Hunter

    If you are looking for the distress signal I do have that file and I can send on Monday if that is what you mean by alarm?
  7. Agent Everfree

    Agent Everfree Unblooded

    yes its that and the wolfs plasma cannon im mostly looking for
  8. predatoj

    predatoj Blooded

    I could have a listen and see if I could try and replicate it. I think you'll struggle to get the actual sounds, specific sounds are rarely given up by sound designers and stay in their personal library for future use. There is a possibility if you look in the folder hierarchy of an AVP game until you find the sound files which may be wavs you'll find what your looking for. I'm not well up on game sound so not sure.
  9. Arthur Chants

    Arthur Chants Blooded

    can you email me the sounds please ?
  10. RatedBTS

    RatedBTS Unblooded

    Hello I was interested in those sounds too if possible?

    Thank you for time!
  11. Predathor87

    Predathor87 Unblooded

    I would like to get them too if possible!
  12. JoshStrong

    JoshStrong Unblooded

    would you be willing to share those? I have a file I made, but always looking to add different stuff to it as well!

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