Backer rod dreadlocks. UK?


Ok. Here's my problem.
Looked everywhere online and I can't find Backer rod anyplace (UK stores).
Any UK-ers bought some?

I've googled 'Backer rod' 'Foam backer' 'foam rod' and all other variations of the word.
I checked D.I.Y websites and builders websites.

It's redicilous that you can't find any here in the U.K
Plenty of places in the USA, but they don't ship to the UK.

So, any ideas gentlemen?
Any info is greatly apreciated.




I know I have 500 ft. each of 3/4", 5/8", and 1/2". Have to climb up on the shelves and see if I have some larger. Pretty sure I do.



That's from a quick search, jjst try foam backer rod in the UK in google and just search through them all.
Already been to that website. Too thin and WAY too expensive.
SOme of the other websites require you to be in the trade and will not sell to individuals.
Thanks for looking though.

Bovine13. Thanks for the offer to sell some backer rod. Will get back to you on that score ASAP.




Am I being a complete cabbage? I've looked all over that B and M site and I can't find any foam piping anywhere!! The only thing I've come across are those neck rolls and they're too thick and too short. Am I missing the obvious? The idea of some soft foam dreads is really appealing and if I can get something from this place that'll do the job then great. What is it that you guys have found on their site???????


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IT was on B&M as id bookedmarked it, since they updated the website i cannot find it either, maybe worth giving them a quick phone call to see.


Just use rubber tubing

Some one else was asking the same question, but the filler tube is much to stiff. Th erubber has all the motions of true dreads.
Hey man, that looks like the perfect stuff! :rolleyes: Only question is now, is that thick enough for the dreads, and what type of paint would you use that wouldn't crack when bending?

Thx for helping a noob
Big Gunns you don't know how strong my huntersgenes are! I will win and mold my new prey (the unwilling rubber tube)ARGH!

I have a great advantage in my circle of advanced advisors are many who know a lot about processing these amaterials.

My hunt has started... :rolleyes:


whats something like backer rod that homedepot or lowes would have? just typical foam rod?

"hey do have foam rod?"
OK found the way how to get both materials in 1 dread.
1. Use the tubing for 2/3 of the dread. So you have the movement + the action which is visible in the movie
2. Use the backer rod as 1/3 (the end of the dread). Use glue and a ring so it wont be visible that both materials are used.
3. Paint it the same colour and if you want that the dreads look completely the same use some liquid latex as a layer on them.


Its not going to look the same. The backer rod has a texture to it that the rubber tubing does not

I really don't understand why everyone is so fascinated with the idea of the dreads moving like the movies. NEVER in all my years of attending cons have I EVER seen someone shake their head like a hair commercial. No one flicks there head or snaps their head to look at someone. Your vision is greatly restricted in a mask, it is hotter then hell and you are being blinded by camera flashes. So flipping your dreads is gonna be the last thing you worry about.
OK OK OK it's clear to me BigGunns. I will back off in this part of the Hunters Lair. Sorry BigGunns and of course my apologish that I wasted your time.

the ancientpredator :rolleyes: