Barakutu Predator Story Rewrite

Hi again, havent updated this story because it went badly, awful grammer, dreadful spelling, and a very distinct lack of detail. so i have re written it as best i can this is only the begining peice of " ALIENS vs PREDATOR, hunters moon"

Long ago, on the predator homeworld, a clan consisting of four was formed only the greatest known hunters were allowed in, they went on many hunts, but on one big one they found a young Yautja, fighting with a Xenomorph armed with only wristblades, they stood back and watched the youngling being injured, taking many wounds, but he surprised the clan by eventually rising up, holding the xenomorph head high in the air. They knew that this youngling was worthy. The clan elder knelt down, snapped the xenomorph finger off and marked the youngling with the clan mark. There was now a fifth member of the barakutu clan. The youngling was trained by the clan elder, at fifteen years of age; he earned his rank of elite. Over many years the other members were killed in great hunts, the final two the youngling and the elder were left behind. They fought a xenomorph queen, a long hard combat for them both; eventually the elder was stabbed through the chest, mortally wounding him.  The elder gave two things to the youngling his spear and plasma caster. Then the elder died.  The youngling was furious, he defeated the queen using the two weapons he had just been given. He grew angry over his teacher’s death and killed many other Yautja, becoming a fearsome badblood and yet, it was considered an honour to die by his hand. The others sent their clan champion fighters to try and kill him, but it was no use so they invited him into the society, a rare thing for them to do but they needed a strong hunter like this one to kill other bad bloods and oversee complex and dangerous hunts. Years later they got a distress beacon from a Youngblood group, soon enough the time came for the last barakutu hunter to go to earth.

i would also like to thank Giles for the help and advice he gave me on how to improve this story.
another small update page editid

USS Emur was orbiting earth, preparing the drop ship to transport new specimens to the Weyland Yutani Xenomorph research center located on the planet below. Lee walked through the cargo bay, past the xenomorph cages, one of them rammed the glass and snapped at him with its inner mouth, this made lee jump, he hated it when something startled him it really made him see red. Lee slammed his fist hard on the glass, staring the xenomorph in what could be called its face; he could smell his own breath that steamed up the glass he spoke in a quiet but tense and angry voice, spitting everywhere
“Listen here you ugly piece of crap, you do that again…” he put his hand to a large red button “this happens!”  The xenomorph seemed to understand the sign, it had seen another one of its kind been sprayed with the cryo gas before, and it took no chances. Very suddenly  A very loud alarm broke out and an announcement attempted to speak over it “all Weyland Yutani employees please report to the bridge” lee ran to see what the matter was, he ran up  to the bridge as fast as he could. The captain came bursting in, right after lee got there, he was fuming “what the hells the matter?”  “Something on radar sir, but it won’t stop disappearing, it comes and goes” the control command replied. The captain was really angry now, he was a big man about six feet tall, he had no hair and that kind of look in his eyes that said “go away and leave me alone” he demanded to get a visual. They got a visual of empty blackness, when suddenly a giant unidentified ship appeared  from the empty blackness, the crew was gobsmacked, first they saw nothing, and then this ship that had appeared out of nowhere!  “what the…” the captain begun but with the flash of a giant blue bolt, the Emur was blasted out of the skies, crashing down in sheets of fire, the remains of the ship crashed towards earth.