Basic questions



Hey guys i just had some basic questions....
Thanks for your help and for looking also....
can you put plaster, say ultra cal 30 (once its set) in an oven (im using monster makers clay and dont have mineral spirits) after youve put it on your sculpt? Im wondering so that i can be able to remove the clay real easy after all thats done. And for an elder's spines or hair or whatever it is could i use toothpicks? What do you guys use? Im just wondering if toothpicks can be pulled out of the plaster. I just got some of the stuff yesterday (the clay and the ultra cal) and im wanting to go ahead and make a mask, but i gotta wait three more days for the crystal clear and i dont really have the proper sculpting tools (theyre supposed to come in three days too). lol... dont ask why. Anyway the only stuff i got to make an armature with is masking tape, electrical tape, duct tape, tin foil, and plastic wrap and a base of a lamp.. i forgot what theyre called but theyre the tall lamps and they cause fires. heheh... um... is all that stuff im gonna try to use flammable at, say 200 degrees in an oven? Oh yeah, and in the mean time im gonna put plastic wrap on my scultpure when im done. Thanks - David


Sorry if anyone has ever had a fire caused by those lamps . Well... once you heat the clay up even though you have plastic wrap over it will it still harden? And some of that post wasnt making any sense cause i didnt think it through... i just got excited about wanting to make a mask and didnt think of how to make it where i could pull the "armature" off of the sculpt when i got the cast over it. Where do you think I should post my questions at? Just wondering. -David

Savage Yautja

Stop, take a deep breath and relax... There, feel better?

Now firrst may I suggest checking the local library for any videos on mold making or do a search on the web for informative sites. You got your questions posted in the right thread. You just need to get organized on what needs to be done, in what order, and how to do it best to achieve your goal. Don't rush it!
*Make your sculpt in clay
*Make sure it's how you want it to look.
*Get your work area ready and make a list of what you need
to do before you start. Then run through the steps before
starting to get familiar with everything.
*Seal the sculpt
*Build up the UltraCal 30 and bandages around the sculpt to
support it but still allow the sections to be removed after it
dries so you can remove the clay.
*Make sure you build some keys into the mold to help the
sections lock together. I would try one section of the mold
at a time with vasaline coating the sections where they join.
Otherwise they could fuse together.
*Give the Ultra Cal enough time to dry completely before
pouring latex and lightly powder the inside of the casting
before you add the latex.

If I left anything out I'm sure someone will speak up and lend a hand. I'll see if I can find a tutorial in the meantime.


Thanks man . Theres just one thing... uh... i wanted to make the mold just one piece and then just dig the clay out of it cause im just starting and i dont really want to save the sculpt but uh.. how many masks can i make with just one mold? And thanks so much for your help. -David


Don't do it in one piece unless you are POSITIVE you can reach every nook and cranny to dig the clay out. You'll be kicking yourself good if you can't and you end up with a big chunk of Ultracal full of clay you can't reach and no sculpture to re-mold.

If you're sculpting a head, you NEED to do at least 2 pieces for the mold (front and back). There's no way in the world you'll ever be able to reach all of the clay in the mandibles and face area. Just trying to save you some frustration and heartache later after you've put all your time into getting your sculpt where you want it...

If you need direction for a multi-piece mold, just inquire. A number of the people on the board can help out, or PM me and I'll point you in the right direction...

Just go in with a plan and don't get anxious. That's when mistakes happen...

Good luck...

The Big Gunns

I see you don't like periods much

Newburns is right.. if you are casting a mask it has to be a two part mold. I wouldn't mess around wih the oven. You risk the chance of the mold cracking if it isn't cooled down enough. If you use crystal clear, you should have no problem removing the clay from the mold.

I used Bake and Bend sculpey for my quills.. they worked out well. You could use toothpicks, although they dont really taper enough to a point. You could try tapering them with a nailfile. Since its wood, it will expand from the water in the ultracal. You'll need to seal the wood with a water sealer, and then use a mold release like vaseline.

Good luck and take your time ~Mel


I was wanting to use toothpicks cause i want to make an elder mask. The elders spines are thicker than the regular hunter's. My uncle said he knows you, Big guns. I dont know his id though up here, but i was on The Hunted's forum and i was wanting to take the class and I told him about it, and he said he knew you. He dressed up like a predator last halloween and got me into it. I used to love the toys and the movies and stuff and now im gonna try to make the costumes... with no experience lol.I figure i can make it all outta latex.


I figure i can use resin teeth and make some tools to help scrape or dig out the clay in the parts where his mandibles connect to the teeth and the flaps of skin... and where i have to attach the dreads.

The Mortal Immortal

The Guills
1. Old Milk Jug
2. Pencil or Dowel
3. Candle
4. Hot Glue Gun

a. Cut down/whittle the dowel to the size you need, leaving the rest for a handle.
b. Cut the milk jug into large sheets.
c. Light the candle and place the sheet over the flame till changes color/translucent.
d. Push the dowel slowly into the plastic. Theres your mold.
e. Then take the hot glue gun and fill with glue.
f. After it has cooled then pull out.
You've got your self a guill.
Example of hot gun used in a mold.

Just when you think you have it all!!!!​