Batman's New Suit


i actually saw that suit on the effects lab being sculpted awhile back i thought it was just someone making a custom suit for themselfs. another movie we have to wait over a year to see. i wish these movie companies wouldnt even release anything till its a month or 2 before it opens. i hate it when they tell you somethings commin then oh wait it not for a year or 2. just like the rambo movie. other than that its a cool looking suit.


Elite Hunter
Besides the even more flexible cowl, I think it's not too great. I like it, but I thought the previous suit was near perfect. This looks way more proto-typish, or it might be his biker-outfit. I mean, it looks fine and all, but it's like making differences for the sake of having differences...
This suit is killer. It's going to enable far more things than any previous bat film, more fluid choreography of the fights as it's a far more flexible suit than the previous one. I did think the last one seemed to be a lot more in tune with the films darker tone. I'm all ready being badgered into making one for someone....So I might just be tempted to do this one....Not too sure about Heath Ledger's Joker make up though but I'll reserve judgement.
I have to agree with showing things too early, but it's marketing, it's to keep Batman in the public's imagination.