Been collecting materials for over three years

Discussion in 'General Predator Discussion' started by SwedePredator, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. SwedePredator

    SwedePredator Young Blood

    And I think I am finally able to start my costumebuild. It has taken a lot of patience as I am working fulltime from six in the morning to three in the afteroon.
    Am still unsure if I should collect more as i want badly to get my suit ready before summer begins.
    I could start with either suit or the very undermask as I have one box of monsterclay ready,i do need airbrush paint but so unsure of what colours to begin with.
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  2. Show us some designs you want to use for your suit-build.
  3. SwedePredator

    SwedePredator Young Blood

    What designs i cant draw any good but was thinking a P1 suit and armor as a start. I only have a bio design pisted in my earlier posts.

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