Behemoth Build WIP (with pics)


I've been saving chunks of cured platinum silicone from old molds I don't need anymore. Though I did try using silicone caulking to thicken the mold of my 1:4 scale bust, but the platinum silicone started to peel from the caulking first time I de-molded, and by the third casting it was unusable :/

How thick do you make this beauty-coat?

And yeah, unfortunately Shogun is right that I currently don't have the funds to do much in the realms of this hobby.
this works best for a block mold or a mold that's not getting lots of flex. you do a thin coat of platinum followed by a thickened one. after it cures, build a box and pour in some tin with as much filler as needed. I once did long beads of walmart acetoxy on wax paper for later use this way. this is just if you need a bulky block mold though since theres mo stretch or bend to speak of with this stuff.