Behemoth Head sculpt from start to finish (tons of progress pictures!)


Hey, this is my 4th time now doing a pred sculpt, I'm sure there will be much room for improvement in the future. I'm doing it start to finish with a ton of pictures, mostly for the sake of people who may be struggling to make their own sculpt for the first time. Also just to advise, I'm not planning on making a movie a curate Pred, this will be one by my own design. The clay that I used for this sculpt is Monsterclay *oil-based clay* .So here are some of the first pictures.

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I also just want to note that I sort of tend to jump around in terms of sculpting the head, mostly due to me getting bored working on one area too long. It may not be the professional way, but it works for me :)





You might have already planned on doing this, but if not may I make a suggestion? The inside of the mouth, while it looks fantastic as it sits right now once you've cast it and attempt to take the cast out it will rip all that detail off the mold. Reason for this is because the mold material will get behind the little balls of clay creating a bunch of little undercuts. A way to fix this is to make a clay slurry and brush it in between the clay balls.