Bender1988 Predator Artwork


Hi Everybody who will visit this topic.

I am new on this forum ( Need to say that it Rocks!)

And since this is the section to show/share Your artworks I assume I could share some of my stuff.
I am not a very good artist but drawing gives me satisfaction hehe.

Hope you gonna like some of them.

Some of them are better, some of them are worse.

This one i called " Hate" Hes my personal Favorite
Yeah i agree he is waay too muscular.

I created him maaaany years ago,and changed his desing seweral times.
He is ..well he is kinda elderish/veteran/badass m/f.
No his mask is melted from some lava creature or something-not Alien blood.

Picture deleted

Here is my second Favorite- Blind Predator
It is a Predator who lost his sight/eyes in some battle/hunt
How he hunts - well he uses echolocation like bats or some...I dunno, some sonar thingie. He is blind so he needs to be a badass to hunt and... do some other thing that Predators do hehe.His left forearm and his left leg are mechanical

Picture deleted

and Again Jasmo from deviantart colored My lines

Picture deleted

The Elder
Here is The Elder.
But he dont give a SH#T about it and still hunts.
He is soo old that his name is forgotten ^^

Picture deleted

Jasmo coloring

Slasher Predator

Polar/ Arctic Predator

Albino Predator ( my coloring abilities sucks)


Spear Predator

Blade master

Bad Blood Predator
Predator 2

Wolf-After the Events of AVP Requiem( he should survive and kill the Predalien)

Hive Killer

Rudolph vs Predator

Mr pink

Berserker Predator

Gonna post more as soon as I draw more.
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Veteran Hunter
Good to see you here Bender! You have some great talent there my friend. Your designs are very much your own and unique. The Bio designs alone - dude keep it up because you've got some great ideas there. Also, your poses are well thought out...although I'm preferential to thinner Preds, your Preds look fantastic! Keep up the good work.

PS - can I ask how old you are?


Elite Hunter
i really like some of your armour concepts. some of those bios seriously kick some ass.

really love
Blind Pred
Blade master- this dude looks really maniacal. love the look.
Rudolf bio- that's a pretty unique design. i really like it
Nasty Predator- another damn cool bio.

keep it up man, you have some nice design ideas.


really cool sketches! favorite has to be the dragon hunter, like the bio you designed for that sketch. keep it up like to see more. :p


So nice comments :unsure:
Really happy to hear that :p
I feel the urge to draw more.

Jason/PredatrHuntr My name is Thomas and I am gonna be 23 in May
Hey Bender! :unsure:
Or should I call you Tomek now... :p Anyway!
Nice to see you find your place here, the dragon hunter you did recently looks terrific. I especially like the spikes all over the armor. :)

Welcome to the lair! :)


Hate Predator has been saved in my folder of Predator art for some time now, having found it on DevArt. Welcome to the Lair!!!


I am really happy to hear that many of You like my works- such comments and opinions make me want to draw more hehe :mad:

Hunter-based his pose and some of the armor on Danny Cruz work

Hate roar-a remake of one of my oldest Predator related works

Hope you gonna like them
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Hi there- a couple of new ones

So many options...-a remake of one of my oldest Predator related works

Predator 3- The Renegate
Heres a "poster" for Predator 3- The Renegate movie hehe
Yeah-I like Predator 2-it was an inspiration.

only a fan dream..
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Hi there.
New works

Predator VS Saiyan
Some forum member on AVP galaxy said that he would like to see a fight between Predator and a Dragonball character/saiyan- so heres what come to my mind- a lot of flaws but..well it is as it is hehe

This one killed a lot of Saiyan warriors and collected their tails as a trophy.
Predator would nt stand a chance agains a saiyan-no matter how low level he would be-but still-why not hehehe

Chilling Predator
15minutes+ black ball gel pen+ Danny Cruz work as a reference
And heres a Predator

One arm Predator
Heres some Predator-experienced one-that didnt wanted to fix his missing arm with prostetic one-he hunts with one arm(and one eye) so he needs to be a badass.

There are a lot of flawss in this work-a lot of disproportions and wrong lines,but i hope You gonna like it a little

steady aim
A single shot through the head of a Queen will deal with her, but what about the alien drone/warrior-what will happen? Yo utell me :)
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The bio in pred vs saiyan looks really great, you should work on it more and make it bigger. I'd like to see your thoughts of it, it looks really cool. :)
And your getting alot better with details and its so fun! You have some great concepts and ideas going around now.
About the tongue, nowadays I usually always draw a tongue in my pred "portraits" ;) I think it adds a nice touch to it.
Love seeing updates, Thomas!


I am not here often so sorry for late/or no replies-Thank you all for the kind words.
Here are my newest works-Hope you gonna like them(especially the biggest one) hehe :D
I dont consider myself an artist, i just like to draw and if people like my work it makes me really happy :D
so here are the new ones
Swamp hunt
a quick and simple mechanical hb pencil work- a lone Predator fighting some tremor like creatures on swamps.

big ONE
Elder vs BadBlood Elder
This is probably my biggest work to date. It is on 2 A4 papers combined in paint :D i changed its resolution couse it was too
big. Full wiev reccomended.

I wanted to draw Elder vs BadBlood Elder

The good one-on the left corner after eliminating a couple of badbloods is ready to end the rule of the One that started the

badblood kind,he is sick and his best days/ hunts are long forgotten. This is his last mission, he know that there will be no

return, no honor, only revenge and blood.

The bad one- on the right corner-He was tired of the rules of the hunt, He was tired of being restricted by those rules, his

time was to an end so he broke the rulles, honor means nothing to him, only slaugter and power, his followers are now dead by

the hands of The Good Elder and this is his hinal showdown.

I decided that this fight wil lend with Badblood Elder triumphed over the good one, but before he give his final sroke, the

Good Elder,almost dead in his last grip of strenght Activated his self destruct device,instantly killing himself and taking

the badblood and every thace of his kind with him.

hope You gonna like this work-entirely drawn with ball point black pen.
The details of the Good Elder
Picture deleted
The details of Badblood Elder
Picture deleted
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