Bender1988 Predator Artwork


You have a ton of great, original concepts! I like how you portray your artwork, it gives a little story behind it.


New update

Hate Predator Tomek Sudak
Heres My Predator-Nickname-Hate
I wanted to draw him again
So Hate is kinda almost elderish his dreads becoming grey/white at the tips, his body is cowered in scars.

Hate unmasced Tomek Sudak
I used some fellow member from deviantart work as a refference for his head

Hate ready to "dance"

And the best of the best from all my works-colored by Jasmo from deviantart
Elder vs bad Blood Elder
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New update
Blind Predator and Hate Predator belongs to Me.

Hi there.
I felt the urge to draw my favorite predator- from all those i created.

How you gonna hide when he hears Your heart beats, Youer blood moving in Your veins...

Owl Predator
I have drawn this one once-but wasnt satisfied with it so I tried again- this time i think it looks as i wanted it to look.

some commissions

FireNemisis13 commission

Jasmo San'ex commission

Brandi01 commission

Tassos13 D'mos'ai commission

that is all for now(Still need to say that I totally love the coloring Jasmo from deviantart did on My lines of good Elder vs Bad Blood Elder)
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I draw Predator related art for Years.
I am a Predator Junkie.
I dont consider myself as an artist, My drawing style is far from good, has soo much flaws that I am not gonna blabber about it any more.

This work took me 2 was finished in two days but took several hours.
It was based on some of Narrin sculpture of Anytime Predator.
I draw Predators mostly, I love the first Two movies, But I saw that I never draw a propper Anytime Predator , the first one that started the whole franchise.

So this is kinda my first homage to Stan Winston (April 7, 1946-June 15, 2008 (aged 62) the creator of soo many beautifull designed creatures that it is hard to count them all, and Kevin Peter Hall (May 9, 1955-April 10, 1991) the one and only True Predator.

Hope You gonna like this work.


Elite Hunter
My friend... you have a lot of talent in them hands.

Keep drawing, keep practicing, keep at it... and you WILL go far with it. One thing though, as a positive critique if I may, try to work on your perspective and foreshortening. It will make your drawing a lot more dynamic and gripping to the eyes.

other than that... GREAT JOB!!! Keep them pic's coming.


if someone wants to do a custom pred, you should take a look at this page. this guy have a millionsss of ideas on how a different pred would look.


Glad You like my works:D
I am really happy about it.

Some bigger update this time.

FireNemisis13 commission 3

XenoPredDragon commission

Veteran Predator
Title says it all- a veteran hunter,he lost his right forearm,right leg and left arm-he has prostetic/cybernetic ones now
CoolleKotten Mr Giggles- i wanted to draw her OC

Hive Killer 2
So heres Hive Killer, 5 plasma casters are for pu$$%es why 5 when You can have 10 of them ! :D
Hope You gonna like this one :D it was pleasure drawing him.

Kainde unmasked

Kainde pred colored by Jasmo

My tribute to Stan Winston and Kevin Peter Hal colored by Jasmo
Xenopreddragon commission colored by her

All Rights Reserved.
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As I said on DA, my friend, excellent work you have done on all the drawings. And really fun to see your take on my Mr. Giggles! It was a nice suprise when I saw it.
You're a very good artist and should think no less, keep it going, Thomas! :D


WOW! great art tomek!!!! this is a thread that im going to keep track of just bc i like all the art work and designs for the deffrent preds. really wicked man keep it up!!
my fav. is the artic pred and the BadAs#Motherfu#ker preds armor and colors look sick man!!!!!



What a great collection so far! So many great ideas and wonderful detail on every piece. Keep it up! You are obviously a Predator fan and it shows through your artwork. Thank you for sharing!
Friend, you know i love your drawings
They gave me much inspiration in the last time after my grnadma died.
I really love them and i want that you knwo that


First of all- Thank You all for the compliments about my works-means a lot to me.

A small update.
If You want to check more predator art,and stuff that is not pred related chceck my da account

so heres the update (i started to use deviant art signature for copyright purposes,because of some unpleasnt experience)
Highlander Predator

Dragon Predator
I really enjoyed drawing/designing this one and i am quite satysfied with it.
Picture deleted
San'ex for Jasmo-draw this for tjhe person who colored many of my works

Kyra property of Brandi

Bone Predator for Michael Loh-as You wanted me to post this
updated version of Michaels Bone hunter

Dragon/War Predator again for Michel

primal predator
redrawing of friend work

Alien Predator
Heres upgraded-final design for my Alien Predator.
a predator who uses Aliens body parts as armor.
Picture deleted
Gargoyle Predator- property of Jason/Predatrhuntr

Owl Predator-this time-he is older and more buffed.

Night Predator
I am really really happy how this one turned out.
I didnt have time to properly finish it,with more details to the armor and building the statue of this gargoyle thingie he is standing on.
This particular pred-Called him "Night" because of his kinda noctovision green color eyes,and the fact he only hunts during the night hehe. He is quite young-short dreds.
He is standing on some stone sculpture on a side of a building,looking for a decent challenge