Bender1988 Predator Artwork


Some update
Vor'keta Nag'ash Mistasilentkiller request


I may not draw Aliens as often as Predators, but I like them equally.
I just dont draw them too often, because they are to hard to do right hehe.

4 eye Predator Youngblood

Viking Predator
This is coollekotten.jpg Nicole/Coollekotten Vinking Predator.
Like I said on DA, love the work on my Viking! It was a nice surprise for sure, very happy to see your take on her. :D
Her battle axe is just awesome... it looks so mean.

Always nice to see your work. :)


Always happy when someone likes my work hehe :D
Some update:
female Yautja.

Oil Pastel Predator
I only drew a rought sketch of the predator, the whole rest was made by my girlfriend.

Cool looking negative hehe

Kraven the Hunter My version(he is a predator :p )

Hate Predator in Jungle
Hate is almost Elder rank his dreads becoming grey/ white at the tips, his body is cowered in scars+one cybernetic forearm prostetic. He is quite experienced fella.Changed his design a little here and there.


PredatorX98- thanx :D Next time gonna draw him fully armored.
and an update(from nevest to oldest)
Elder Predator vs Elder Warior
This work took about 4 hours and 7beers.
The title says about all about this scene.
An Elder Predator fighting an Elder warrior.
Any suggestions about who will win?

Fight to the death
I wanted to draw this fight scene for ages- it was used in soo many comic books, in each movie- the scene where Predator character is holding his prey by one hand in the air and ...well You know, the struggle of it.
This Predator wants to finish his hunt on this planet killing the most experienced warrior. But he won't go down easy.
Who do You think will be the vinner in this picture?

One arm Predator 2012
This time One arm Predator-experienced one-he didn't want to fix his missing arm with prostetic one-he hunts with one arm(and one eye) so he needs to be a badass.
for the pose I used as a refference one panel from aliens vs predator xenogenesis

Veteran Predator 2012
Here is Veteran Predator -a veteran hunter,he lost his right forearm,right leg and left arm-he has prostetic/cybernetic ones now

Scully Predator
New OC- Scully Predator- nickname from the fact that he likes to wear sculls-there gonna be more of him later.

Forget the fishing rod
Cellphone changed the colors, they look better in real life.
It is made with oil pastels.
I only drew a rought sketch of the predator, the whole rest was made by my girlfriend.
Drakhand006 Engineer(request)

that would be all for now.


Young Blood
Wow. Im loving the one arm Predator! The pose makes him look totally badass (y) I saw that Scully Predator on DA, very nice. Terrific job on these :D


Predatorx98-thank You :)
rakaithwei.jpg OC Rakai'Thwei Predator

Blood Tattoo Predator by Vandalocomics

Ghost Rider

The Dark Knight Rises Bane
Since The newest Batman movie is almost upon us I decided to draw My Version of Movie Bane- this is how I would like Bane to look like in a Movie.
In the last of Nolans Batman trilogy, main villain(probably) will be My Favorite DC character Bane.
Hehe anyone knows the name of this teddy bear ?

And Finally
Hate the War
Some time ago I said that I will draw my Hate Predator heavily armored. So basically this is the heavy armored Hate.
His chest necklase/plate is extended to cover most of his torso+ stomach armor+ more armor on legs and arms.
I was lazy and didn't wanted to draw his mask again so I decided to draw him unmasked since I only draw his face only once. Let's say this is Hate armored for war or some really hardcore hunting. The shoulder cannon sucks badly-I know.
Hate is almost Elder rank his dreads becoming grey/ white at the tips, his body is cowered in scars+one cybernetic forearm prostetic. He is quite experienced fella.
Hope you gonna like it.


Hi there, an update
Blind Predator Tomek Sudak Bender18 2012
From all the predators i ever designed I like this one the most.
Blind predator
He is blind and he uses sonar/eholocation etc for hunting.Left arm and left leg are cybernetic.
I wanted to make an updated version like I did with Hate I used as a refference for the pose one of the most known predator art pieces dunno the name.

ps-And FUC# You Attila Mad Mike Horváth You miserable art thief !
He has stolen art from me and many other predator artists, he miserably copied couple of my designs and claims them to be his own.
Drakhand006 Kree-Klii request

commanderhavoc predator request

Jasmo Otic request

That would be all.
Thanx for looking :) Leave a comment if You feel like it :)


gonna update, dunno If Anyone is checking this thread but new update is here hehe

Bone Hunter Veteran Michael Loch i really like drawing this one


Half face Predator

and something i didn't do before some non predator works of mine
MY version of Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan

Mr Haty 2

link with the description http://bender18.devi...er18/90492&qo=0
Now i will brake You

And some of my best Dragonball related works
Revenge of a race

my oc before his death

if you like here is description for it
Vegeta SSJ2 vs Kid Buu.
Buu was soo weaker than ssj2.
But he was a great concept- Enemy that can regenerate instantly, even from smoke, has no internal organs that can be shut down/damaged, no blood, he doesn't get tired/endless stamina, he's always on the same level of power, is a shapeshifter and can absorb others...Great concept. and all this power i na form of Quite small creature made from pink rubber/gum like body.

Revenge of the future

commission Vegeta vs C17

another redesign of Vegeta

and those two are really really old, from 2006
Vegeta vs kidbuu

Goku vs Janemba

Hope You gonna like some of my works and don't be shy to comment :D


Update for anyone who wisit this thread:
Near the end ( Big picture )
I was planning on drawing this for some time now.(no not this work).
I am planning on Ending the life of my Hate predator. Creating him I knew that he will not be invincible and endless. He was always my second favorite one, from all I ever created, and I created a whole lot of them individual ones hehe, more than 200. First fav of mine is Blind. And he will be the avenger if You know what I am mean.
Hate is extremely experienced, almost elder level. But like I always say- he won't reach elder rank. I plan on doing a couple of let's call them "last hunts".(any ideas You would like to see Hate do, before one final one ? please write them).
Hope You gonna like this work. despite the fact he turned out WAAAAYYYY too muscular/buffed.

Elder, extremely experienced Predator.

experienced predator

Youngblood on his first serious hunt.
He made a fatal mistake.
The strike wasn't critical.
The beast will go berserk and the young hunter is not prepared for its rage.

Just a Bad Blood Predator who preffers to use whips.

Goku vs aliens

Darth Vader redesigned
Here is my version of one of the most famous sitrh lords.



Veteran Hunter
I am totally digging the bio of the "Elder, extremely experienced Predator"

Your work is incredible, young padewan!


Young Blood
I really need to learn how to draw, where did you learn your skills dude, that's freaking awesome :O I wish my drawing skills were that cool !


PredatrHuntr- Thanx. I wanted him to be quite rich in details hehe

Made007- I draw more than 200 original predators-most of them have masks hehe

Nador- Like I said before- I drawn more than 200 original predators- with each new one I try to be better than the last work.
My skills- I have none.
I started drawin when i was 6, now am 24, so its 18 years of drawing.
I suck compared to most artists.
Hehe Next time i will post something here it will be showing in steps how i draw.


Update with step by step
Blinding Revenge
This is probably my most detailed work so far.
I draw this almost month ago but newer got time to post it
Like I said some time ago- Hate is dead, and blind will avenge him.
As You can see I incorporated some of the Hate Predator armor to Blind new look.
Next time Hate death.

And now step by step


Veteran Hunter
Holy. Crap.  You've outdone yourself here.  So much detail in there!  You've put a lot of ideas in there and executed them perfectly.  Kudos to you!!!
I could stare at that for days. One of you biggest detailed works to date, really!
Blind is one of my favorite characters from you, he looks more experienced in this one then the earlier ones... like he could take on an army by himself. 
Very great work with this one, I like the fur!  :D


Elite Hunter
 ... I just think you have a really clean yet unrefined style to your art and that is why I enjoy what you bring to the 'Lair'. Your work is getting more and more detailed and even showing signs of progress with every one you post. 

Keep it up Bender, you got the skill yo's.  (y)


Hello there
Looooooooooooooong time no see.
...what to say...
A new update :)
Zaf'el-DA friend OC


Bad Blood Predator who preffers to use whips.

Elder, extremely experienced Predator.

Colored by my girlfriend

An idea of A Predator that could play in Predator 3

First try at engineer predator, and first predator drawing from february.
There will be more like this because this one is garbage.
Idea- Predator killing engineers/space jockeys and due to some situation he is consumed by the engineers armor/technology mambojumbo, slowly consumed.

Here is a Predator that in some story turned to be on space jockeys/engineers space craft. He managed to kill the pilot. He was a Youngblood with little experience. Still trying to define himself he collected armor/suit parts from the now dead engineer/jockey. In time it absorbed him/ changed him completely.
He is no longer a Predator he is neither an honorable hunter nor bad blood renegade, he became an Enginner/space jockey.
The lack of dreads- originally i wanted to draw something like tubes instead of dreads coming from his head and merging into his shoulders and back, but left the idea. Engineers/jockeys dont have any hair on their bodies so I decided that during his transformation/being consumed by the technolody he would lost his hairs/dreads.
In this state he is way stronger than any normal predator, and can control aliens/xenomorphs, as well as use engineer technology.

Alien Exterminator-oc of Ronnie solano/Deadklown

Something from the past.
Albino Predator returns, he repaired his mask.

The end is coming.
Enjoy the hunt untill it lasts.

Since I will be ending this fav character of mine I decided to draw a whole lot works focused on him.
Here is Hate as a Youngblood Predator with little experience and tactics.
This is his first serious kill.

Little backstory for this one:
Hate was hunting in jungle for human trophies.
Hate was watching the drug cartel and military soldiers firefights.
Sought to find worthy opponent to duel with.
When he was about to make his move, team of this soldier betrayed him and tried to kill him(were paid by druglords), soldier was badly injuried but managed to kill them, all but one, he had no ammo left. Second before his ex-collegue was to shoot the soldier in the head Hate showed his existence and murdered him. Blablabla Hate teamed up with soldier to kill the drug lords buisness. After they were done the soldier was so badly injuried, in so much pain that he asked Hate to end his suffering. Hate granted his request.

Here is Hate in a duel with some mafia(probably some Japan) assasin/ninja/jumy type.
Assasin was aiming for Hate heart but Hate caught his sword with his cybernetic hand and ended the duel by bunctuating the assasins heart.

Redesign of Kainde Predator.

And here is "Hate Last stand"

Based this on the cover of "eternal warrior 1"
Like i said some time ago I am ending the life of my OC Hate Predator.
The big reveal hehe. Lets make this quick-what is happening?

Hate was on Earth, hunting.
Isolated area-probably some jungle near city.
A whole clan of bad bloods leaded by Really really REALLY old and nasty Elder who wants nothing more than Hates death.
I wanted this to be realistic but decided why the hell not to make it impossible.
One Hate-almost elder rank predator, a whole clan of bad bloods-about 50 of them-they are variety of skill and age among their ranks but none as skilled as Hate.
Bad Blood Elder leader of the clan suprised Hate during his hunt on Earth, Hate was not prepared for such fight. seeing the numbers he knew he will not win this. He knew this was his end, but he wasn't going to make it easy for the bad blood bastards. He took off most of his armor covering his upper body-for it not to hinder his moves- his every move must be of 100% precision.
Bad blood Elder first sent a bunch of Youngbloods-who wanted to make name for themselves by killing a Legend like Hate
On this work this is what happens, one strike= 3 sliced throats=3 dead.
more to come.

Hate is almost Elder rank his dreads becoming grey/ white at the tips, his body is cowered in scars+one cybernetic forearm prostetic. He is quite experienced fella.


After first wave of bad bloods Elder sent the biggest warrior he had in his clan.
Size and brutal force isn't everything...
more to come.

I will end this update with Work of a frien.
Ronnie Solano/Deadklown draw my OC Hate

Comments are welcome :D


Big update, loong time no see.
Hate last stand 3
Bad blood Elder first sent a bunch of Youngbloods-who wanted to make name for themselves by killing a Legend like Hate
You may think What Hate carries in those pockets he has on his belt- here is an explanation-explosives, killed 10 bad bloods with it.
more to come.

hate last stand 4
Bad blood Elder first sent a bunch of Youngbloods-who wanted to make name for themselves by killing a Legend like Hate
After the explosion some Young badbloods wanted to jump on Hate from behind-thats what smart discs are for. Hate used his smart disc=4 sliced/dead and used his cybernetic arm to dispose of yet another bad blood
more to come.

hate last stand 5
No more Young/untrained/unexperienced foes-now Hate must deal with quite experienced Bad Bloods. the easy part is over, try to surviwe. Wristblades duel ! and again using cybenetic arm to his advantage crushing opponents hand
more to come.

hate last stand 6
Easy part is over, those who remain from this clan of bad bloods are quite experienced, no time to play around, to be cocky.
Seeing opponents are high in numbers and equipped with some plasma guns Hate made a distraction, used some smoke that blocks heat vision and before those Bad Bloods could switch to other vision mode Hate used smoke cover and throw his throwing daggers=4 more dead
more to come

hate last stand 7
Picture says all. Bad Blood think he was enought skilled to kill Hate- he was wrong. With this one Hate killed 26 out of 50 bad blood clan members that tries to kill him. 24+elder to go, what will happen ? any ideas? suggestions?
more to come.

hate last stand 8
Dueling in single combat with opponents that are Younger, faster, stronger...

hate last stand 9
Again using his mechanical/bionic arm to his advantage, using one enemy to shield himself from the sight of another then blasting his head with hidden plasma gun/blaster/thingie.

hate last stand 10
The cloe combat as the hunt for Hate goes turned not too well for the bad blood clan. They gonna go range on him.Hate unleashing his fury, rage on bowmans as he was shoot with arrows.
Exhausted, outnumbered and old now add to it injuried, and the fall will continue...

hate last stand 11
He feels those wounds, but won't give up. Hate just realized something about this fight.

hate last stand 12
Most Bow useing bad bloods are killed.
Hate is seriously injuried, his adrenaline levels are pumping hard.
The end is near.

Wanted to draw some Predator a little diffrent than my usuall. A diffrence in details

based o nthis amazing piece