Bender1988 Predator Artwork


Hi There.
If You are interested-I am now Open for commissions-here's the info
Last picture in this post is my latest commission.
Info will also be on the bottom of this post.
New ones:
Lobo west world
This is based on Clint Eastwood from some western poster.
I did the lines, and my girlfriend colored it with oil pastels-it was on normal a4 paper, in real life it looks better

Hate Predator riddick style
Drawn this after watching Riddick-i liked the movie.

Skull scan

Happy Hunting

based on
Thei-De drakhand006 Commission

I am open for commissions.

The comission will be drawn traditionally- pencil sketch-> pen lines/proper drawing on A4 paper- scanned.
I can only draw line art-> by line art I mean pencil rough sketch-> pen proper lines, details, no shading, simple background, the focus is on the character/s.
The drawing I offer will be black and white only.

I would preferably draw Predator and Dragon Ball oriented works, but can try some diffrent themes- before accepting the comission we should talk.
I will not draw porn/sex/homo scenes (naked character- ok)
I can't draw famous people faces/real life faces.

Price- 7$ for 1 (one) character
          3$ for each 1 (one) additional character (Have in mind I draw on A4 paper so the ammount of characters is somewhat limited)

I accept paypal only.

If you are interested send me PM, and we will talk.


Thanx :D
Comic  book...for that I would need to start drawing on bigger paper hehe
New ones
Hate Predator I see You

One Arm Predator Sneaky Reveal
Remember "One Arm"-Well He's back.

Hive Killer Predator
heres another blast from the past-one of my OLD designs drawn again. This time-Hive Killer.

This particular Predator specializes in destroyin Alien Hives singlehanded.
He has 10 plasma casters.

Here is another blast from the past-Dragon Predator

Here is another blast from the past- Nasty Predator.

Hate Last Stand 13
Most Bow using bad bloods are dead.
Hate is seriously injuried, his adrenaline levels are pumping hard,blod is boiling.
Now he Lost his Mechanical arm, blocking with it an melting/exploding/dissolving arrow.
The end is near.
Based on cover for Thor comics.

Hate Last Stand 14
Most Bow using bad bloods are dead.
Hate is seriously injuried, his adrenaline levels are pumping hard,blod is boiling.
Now he Lost his Mechanical arm, blocking with it an melting/exploding/dissolving arrow.
The end is near.
Those two jumped on Hate-Thinking he will be unable to deafend himself with one arm left-but they didnt know that before Hate created for himself the mechanical muscle arm he was hunting with one arm for over 300years-so he is more than well prepared to use one arm in combat.

Drak'ar commission 2013

S'loss commission 2013

Here is a custom figure Predator in scale to gi joe/marvel universe.
Made using Curse figure from Thor dark world

Hate Predator Neca custom v.2
The colors on the pictures differ from the actual ones.

I know the drawing sucks-head is ugly,and feet are like she is wearing high heels-getting tha tout of bag-i draw this while i was sick.
Ve'glek version 1

Here is another oc predator-I watched Apocalypto quite recently for the first time...and this is what the movie has spawned.
Aztec Predator


Your art is great! I'm not sure how you continue to pump out new art. You sir, are a hero among men. Continue to do great!


Hello there.
Heres a little update

Hate Predator 2014

Aqua Predator

Hate Predator



Marvel vs Dragonball
Thor Vs Saiyan
Wolverine vs Saiyan
Thor vs Wolverine

In a Bar runned by ex hunter


Ahab Predator from the upkoming reboot of AvP comic book.
More or less what He looks like based on the cover of the comic book-he is missing his two daggers/swords he has on his belt/thighs.
He is called Ahab because-he is an extremely experienced elder who has no challenge  because of his age and experience-he is looking for his "white whale"  and the white whale is 99% an engineer from Prometheus.

Broken Tusk redesigned
Here is first version of Broken Tusk Predator redesigned.
for those who dont know him-Broken Tusk is a experienced elder Predator-main antihero of original alien vs Predator comic book. Wolf Predator from AvP Requiem was based on Broken Tusk.
We gonna get new AvP comic books, and maybe even some remakes of the old ones.
So to "celebrate"  I decided to redo/redesign one of the most well known/ most badass predator-Broken Tusk from the first Alien vs Predator comic book.
His original design was in my opinion way too heavy-too much stuff on his armor-for example-whole alien head on chest-difficult to move-and more difficiult to fight- I wanted him to have some alien resemblence incorporated on the armor-so he has chestburster on kis chest,and a front portion of alien skull on his shoulder armor.
Also his mask-in old AvP all predators were having Anytime's mask-which sucks-I preffere them to be individuals-each has his own theme/diffrences/diffrent masks-so his mask had to be unique-and the scar thingie on the front of it-from original comic book-looked like some sticker-and I didnt wanted to have anything resembling the **** which was Andersons AvP-so he has some scars on the mask.

This is my first attempt-there's gonna be second one-better one.

And here is something-do You have any suggestions about next Broken Tusk redesign-please wrote them in the comment

Next version will be better.

Predator from the comic boo
redator Captive-redesigned
The story in it was something like this-Human scientists catched an experienced Predator Warrior-they put him in some sort of artificiall created habbitat-to observe-study. They also cut his arm-on which he had his self descrut device. Good story-crappy art.
In comic book he had 1 metter long claws on his remaning arm-so I gave him some mechanicla ones.

Heavy Predator from the best Aliens vs Predator game made to date-AvP2 -redesigned-i used my privious drawing of him as a base for pose and such.

this is all predator oriented work to date.


Elite Hunter
Aztec predator and female warrior got my attention, also great bios
My sculpting sense is tickling :D


made007 said:
Aztec predator and female warrior got my attention, also great bios
My sculpting sense is tickling :D
Glad You like some of My designs :D

And here is an Update:

AvP 2 Hero/player Predator redesign
The game was just great-all 3 stories were quite good, would made a great avp movie out of it.
Playing as an alien Yo ufeel that you are the monster hunting/killing everything in your way.
Playing as a marine is a survival horror.
And lastly- Playing as the predator you feel the supewriority of their technology.

If You are fan of aliens/xenomorphs and predators this is one game you need to play.

It is far superior in every way to avp 2010 (despite graphics,avp2 was released 13 years ago)

A really quick one
Player Predator character from the game: Predator Concret Jungle.
I never play it because I dont have any kind of console,but it probably the best Predator game to date.

Scareface was an extremely strong physically/also big in height(something around 3m) Predator-maybe the strongest out of them all-so i made him to be build like a tank.

I mostly draw him from memory-he is lacking his chainmail armor that would be on his chest/torso

I wanted to draw some human/Predator Team up, and I wanted to draw Hate Predator-so here is the team up. The human/soldier/mercenary has a prostetic left arm.
Hate is my most experienced Predator character so I gave him an Experienced Human to team up.

In a future AvP game I would really like to see some team up between player Predator,and Human/Marine characters-its possible-Weyland Yutani betrays the marrine/Player, and at some point he saves the Player Predator,and then they team up for some period of time-a hive would be a good place for this team to work.
There is a lot of possibilities-Predator saved by human will npot kill him,even if he presents to be a good trophy/worthy warrior-due to honor-this i take from original AvP comic book,also in AvP 2 the game there was an episode of player marine and predator characters to interact in some ways and meet-imagine this to be more developed.


New ones !

Predator 3 Alfa
He stores his plasma cannon not on his shoulder armor,but rather on his chest-when activated it slides to the shoulder area
I didnt wanted to make a clean Predator-so he has a big ass scar on his mask
I wanted this design to be pretty simple.

MeanGene predator

Here's a little backstory for this Predator-in short.

He is loosely based on the predator who fought Grizzly Bear/park rangers-can't remember the title of this comic at the moment.

Teddy was stalking some mafia organization-he followed them ewerywhere to gain knowledge about his prey.
Some day they went to assasinate some dude from witness protection.
The assasins killed the wittness,his wife, but spared his infant child, one assasin-a psycho took the childs Teddy's Bear for whatewre pervesion reasons he had.

So The Predator finally went on the hunt-killed the assasins, grabbed the Teddy Bear, and give it back to the child.

Thats why I called this one Teddy.

Choice Predator

An update of Owl Predator

Here is some more Hate Predator hunting.

Final showdown with some alien warrior in a swamp area-only blades and raw strenght/experience.

Hate Last Stand 15
Hate was on Earth, hunting.
Isolated area-probably some jungle near city.
A whole clan of bad bloods leaded by Really really REALLY old and nasty Elder who wants nothing more than Hates death.
I wanted this to be realistic but decided why the hell not to make it impossible.
One Hate-almost elder rank predator, a whole clan of bad bloods-about 50 of them-they are variety of skill and age among their ranks but none as skilled as Hate.
Bad Blood Elder leader of the clan suprised Hate during his hunt on Earth, Hate was not prepared for such fight. seeing the numbers he knew he will not win this. He knew this was his end, but he wasn't going to make it easy for the bad blood bastards. He took off most of his armor covering his upper body-for it not to hinder his moves- his every move must be of 100% precision.
Bad blood Elder first sent a bunch of Youngbloods-who wanted to make name for themselves by killing a Legend like Hate
No more Young/untrained/unexperienced foes-now Hate must deal with quite experienced Bad Bloods. the easy part is over, try to surviwe.

Most Bow using bad bloods are dead.
Hate is seriously injuried, his adrenaline levels are pumping hard,blod is boiling.
Now he Lost his Mechanical arm, blocking with it an melting/exploding/dissolving arrow.
The end is near.
Exchange of blows with a Bad Blood costed Hate his mask, but the precision of Hate strike costed the Bad Blood his life

Hate Last Stand 16
Most Bow using bad bloods are dead.
Hate is seriously injuried, his adrenaline levels are pumping hard,blod is boiling.
Now he Lost his Mechanical arm, blocking with it an melting/exploding/dissolving arrow.
The end is near.
Deadly Precision strenght and speed...but they wont last long now, the blood loss will take its tool.

This was based on some pages from swamp thing comic book.
This was an experiment- i wanted to make a really quick drawing.
So there was no sketch, started with black gel pen,and ended with some pencils.
It took less then an hour to draw this.

Hate Predator
I went with similiar idea like i did with "Trophy"- added some pencil(i wouldn't dare call it shading) on the drawing/lineart, and most importantly-on bigger spots on Hate's body.
Yeah background isn;t finished.
I am really pleased how it turned out.
Hope You gonna like it too.

I am open for commissions if anybody would be interested.


Thanks Nicole.
Not robotic, just armored mechanical armor over his actual forearm.

And an Update:

My scanner makes the colors go crazy-on paper it looks better.

I dont remember if i ever posted this so here it goes-just some random predator with some skull theme to him

I was testing my new pen and decided to do a simple lineart.

An idea for a movie scene,or a game chapter,where human and Predator have to team up.

line art

Heres is my oc Predator character- nickname: Hate- this time in color.
Tools used are: some 1$flamasters and 20years old crayons.

kegendary carnage
The idea for this was that after being defeated by Goku in movie 8 Broly decided to pay visit to Changeling homeworld.

Attack on saiyan
I recently watched all episodes of Attack on titan..and well...this happened-a homage with some aliens instead of those titans
On paper the colors look better-my scanner makes colors go crazy

goku vs janemba

his is my redesign of my favorite Vegeta outfit from Buu saga.
I wanted for his clothes to have some saiyan armor aspects.
Yeah colors suck-on paper they suck alittle less-since my scanner makes colors go crazy.

I draw this based on some screen from DB movie with Janemba.
Wanted to color something hehe.

This is a drawing i made one year ago.
New 52 superman and my oc Saiyan.

Just a simple drawing for future refferences of my Oc Saiyan character in his normal state and casual armor.

How to describe this work... Before Finding out about granting wishes dragonballs on earth, the saiyan elite trio composed of Raditz, Vegeta and Nappa were doing some dirty work for Freezer.
And on one such mission Nappa went alone-he was to seize control of some planet,where Freeza soldiers stopped sending their reports.
And those tint little biters are the answer why reports stopped comming.
They are toughter than they size tells.

Yeah it was fun idea to put almost 3m tall muscle mountain of a man against some tiny alien creatures, and Nappa took out hiss armor-so he means serious buisness.

changeling worst nightmare

Hi there-the idea for this is: some scientist/or whatewer
gathered some dead bodies of fallen saiyan warriors-turned them into his slaves, they go to earth to get the king-which is Vegeta

My favorite Naruto character.
This is a trully crappy fan art-but i felt like drawing Madara

goku vs super c 13 my redesign

my oc saiyan doing what he does best

This is a "work in progress"
My favorite character from the series.

Invincibles Grand Regent Thragg...after "disscussion" with certain kryptonian

OC character captain poland- he was created with satire and parody in mind

now some commissions for a client:







Your designs are amazing. They make me think of cool new armour designs that I'd like to try on my new costume build. Thanks and keep up the great work


Young Blood
Colored by Girl friend piece is best of both worlds. Your creation plus her color, nice piece. Not that some of the others after color are bad either but that one is particularly good.