best predator comics

i have ordered all of the new ones, and i have got all the recent predator and aliens can't wait for the new movie prequels nice pics

Guan Thwei

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yea thats it....i had both of them at one time but traded them like a dumb ass....i remember him taking off his armor and going one on one with the momma bear....awesome comic
It is interesting I must say and I will have to buy the 2nd one off of ebay like I do with all my other back issue Predator comics.


i dont think i read a predator comic i didnt like but my fav was predator in the civil war era but i cant remember what it was called. the one where he takes on a grizzly bear is awesome too
My fav to, the civil war ones. they were called hell comes a walkin. Great stuff!


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Predator : Big Game , Predator : Bad Blood, Aliens vs Predator : WAR

The original first predator comic's called simply, Predator...came out in a 4 part's about Dutch's brother who goes looking for him in the jungles and finds the predator (who incidently didn't blow himself up after all)'s a really good read.

The best part / unfortunate part is that these comic's have very little actual value. For example, Spiderman comics are worth alot because it's about a character. In Predator comics, Predator is essentially the main character and bad guy. Who often dies in every series basically. Human characters are often just served has fodder for death scenes. No much value to it when you see what I'm trying to say.

The comics you can find pretty frequently on ebay/amazon for very little.