Best Way To Attach Knee Pads?


Veteran Hunter
I have a set of DB P1 knee pads that I need to attach to the skin suit. What is the best way to attach them? I was thinking of using sewing some strips of fabric on both sides of the pads and then using velcro to attach them behind the knee. I could use krazy glue to attach them directly to the knee, but I don't really want to do that. I could also just sew it directly to the knee as well.

Any suggestions? What have you guys done with your suits?


I think your fabric and velcro closure is a great idea. Brown wrap-around pieces would blend nicely with the P1 suit.



are they attached onto the shin armor? alot of the costumes ive seen in the past they attach the knee armor to the suit and the shin armor is a seperate piece. one the p-2 there a seperate pc but on the p-1 there supposed to be attached to the shin armor. what im doing with mine is gluing and latexing the knee and shin armor together backing them with foam then sliding them up to the needed height. then im tacking them with super glue then either shoe goo or latxing them right onto the pant section of the suit so all i have to do is slide them on with the pants. im doing this to a couple pcs on my new suit. the torso armor that i got from scott andrews is going to be don in pretty much the same way. im gluing and latexing the front and 1 side to my suit and leaving the other side of the back loose. and when i put it on the loose side will secure with velco and cover any seams in the back.
Believe me when I tell you this, have a seamstress SEW them on, on one can tell it flexes with suit and they won't come off!! I have had a lot of my parts sewn on. My P1 0ne suit is holding on after MANY events