Big Red Build (First hunt)

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    So I finally got my account back! I figured as I'm currently working on my Ram build I'd show my Big Red costume.
    Con 7.jpg
    First starting off was the leg guards, rather daunting being my first time working with EVA foam but turned out pretty well, needed stuffing given my slender frame.
    Next up we have the side guards, these were the most fun to paint.
    received_2104691729564215.jpeg Snapchat-936874470.jpg Snapchat-2031764708.jpg
    Next up we have the shoulder pieces, mostly held together with velcro attached to my morphsuit.
    Snapchat-1277536723.jpg Snapchat-1985298942.jpg Snapchat-1404715498.jpg
    Next up we have the chest piece, this was the biggest pain to build trying to get it shaped around my body, wish it turned out a bit better, then again my mask and dreadlocks cover most of it.
    Snapchat-43095766.jpg Snapchat-1117096297.jpg
    Next up we have the gauntlet next to my glove while being sealed for painting.
    And last but not least my favorite armor piece to build, the belt. Made from an actual belt.
    Snapchat-146017813.jpg Snapchat-208759214.jpg Snapchat-261235181.jpg Snapchat-394266046.jpg IMG_20181215_202119.jpg
    And here we have me in full armor before painting with the lioncloth.
    IMG_20180914_182744.jpg IMG_20180914_182712.jpg Snapchat-379076823.jpg

    Now we can get the good stuff, the latex.
    This being my first attempt airbrushing I did make a few mistakes (Biggest regret is using way too much orange compared to the traditional beige skin color) but regardless I'm proud of how it came out for my first try.
    Snapchat-1369078769.jpg Snapchat-236539597.jpg Snapchat-160704120.jpg Snapchat-268147346.jpg Snapchat-511262983.jpg Snapchat-649536768.jpg Snapchat-1325627968.jpg Snapchat-1388622207.jpg Snapchat-1392397550.jpg Snapchat-1670502032.jpg Snapchat-844833588.jpg Snapchat-1370678074.jpg Snapchat-8188769.jpg Snapchat-2131479410.jpg Mask 1.jpg Head 8.jpg received_239362583422670.jpeg
    Hope you guys enjoyed, I'll be sure to gather the convention photos.
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    And here's all the con photos I gathered! Was gonna wear my Bio but was worried it would fall off and break as the magnets weren't strong enough.
    Con 1.png Con 2.png Con 3.png Con 4.png Con 5.png Con 6.png Con 9.jpg Con 10.jpg Con 11.jpg FB_IMG_1539067790493.jpg FB_IMG_1539010700594.jpg Con 12.jpg
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