Biker Scout Helmet Project - The Scout Hunter


Elite Hunter
Some of you may have seen me share this over on my own fb personal and prop page. Late last year I was asked to participate in the Biker Scout Helmet Project in which 35 artists around the world would be sent a Biker Scout Helmet to customize to their liking, send it back and auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation Uk during Star Wars Celebration London in July.

I completed it a few months ago and have had to keep quiet about it, we said it was best to reveal it on 12th June as it's the Predator 29th anniversary. 1 very cool part of it is that none other than Wolf Predator himself, Mr Ian Whyte is endorsing it, such a gent and honour to have him aboard.

Am hoping they get some nice videos or pics of the gauntlet fully lit up as there's some funky led sequences and colours in it, am proud of it. And I'm starting a custom predator suit for 1 off my mates that he'll debut at Celebration so hoping he gets pics of his new "Fettator" costume next to it.

Well here is "The Scout Hunter". Be sure to check out the rest of the awesome pieces that've been revealed so far and many more to come.