bio bits


well since im dead broke i decided to sculpt and paint my own bio bits...

the laser part isnt pratical yet for a real laser kit to be installed...but that can be this is a "just for now" thing

the hose connector came out better than i thought it might...a tad large but works well with my bio

the only thing my helm is missing now is the cheek/jaw hose connector....which i think im gonna leave off my helm for now as well..

ive also redone the eye screen a shiny silver rather than the flat black.

im repainting the bio as we speak too




Good job there!!

It is often easier,, and sometimes much more cost-effective to make cotume pieces yourself. By "sometimes", I mean it depends on how long it takes you to make a particular piece. If you have to invest too much time in any project, you get into the "time vs money" thing.

But smaller parts will always be less expensive to make yourself than to buy them, in my opinion.



Good stuff man...alot of times people get bio's missing some of those parts. That totally
completes the bio in the end.