Bio build question?


Realy would like to sculpt my own Predator Bio with out the full face mask underneath, I could just make some guesses on length,width and height and other aspects. However I realy dont want to hose it up. Does anyone have the measurments or just a real good starting point to start with?

Just want to say all you guys and gals that are building thier own costumes or have completed thier masterpieces... YOU ARE ALL SCULPTING GODS.
Never have I seen such fantastic raw talent and creativity, I am constantly blown away by every ones attention to detail.

Compared to everyones talent in creating thier own predator costumes, it looks like the 501st gets thier armor from
Wal-Mart. Nothing aginst the 501st, but my best bud is a trooper; lives, eats, shits, and breathes stormtrooper. I so want to become a predator and kick his empire ass.


You could start with a human head blank or bust and sculpt on that. This way it's easier to guage the size of the Bio so it'll look right on you when you wear it. I'd only go for the exact dimensions if you're wanting to create a screen accurate piece or if you happen to be over seven feet tall. Otherwise you'll look like a bobblehead. That's my point of view anyway.
Good luck :)


alternate solution.. kidnap a younger cousin or brother and put clay over there head... using this as a base one of the most accuratly sized masks could be made.

*Kriker accepts no responsibilities for the possible event of death in these procedures.. During this case the child should be taken to hospital and the crafter hit over the head for listening to strange people over the internet!* :)

lol ^^ Alright Hijack over...

Thanks for the specs Hobbs i was looking for those