Bio Collection?

Blood Seeker

Got a question for you fellows :)

Does anyone know how many Official Bio Helmets there are?

I'm assuming it's P1, P2 and the ones from AVP right?

I'm asking because I'd really like a complete collection of the bios but I was thinking that it would be cool to have the set in quarter scale or something.

I think that might sell as a popular garage kit if some kind of wall diorama was sculpted for it. Does anyone know if something like that exists or how feasible/expensive that would be to create?


Don't forget there's also the Gort and Ram bios from P2, as well as the ancient Predator from the flashback scenes in AVP. I believe there's even more than that!

Has anyone made a kit of all the helmets in a smaller scale? Not that I know of...but Faken could probably tell you for certain. I have seen a kit that came with a Predator, and then a handfull of different helmets. Can't remember who, where or when it was produced, but again, Faken could answer that.

Is making such a thing feasable? Yes.
How expensive would it be? Well, you'd have to find someone who can sculpt, and a good sculptor will charge a good deal of money for even the smallest of sculpts.

And then you have to find someone to mold and cast it all...that's not cheap either. You're probably looking at an initial investment/start up cost on your behalf of around $300-400.
And that's a conservative "best guess".
theres the P1, P2, all the lost hunter bios, the AVP ones, and the ones from the comic, and them one that were made, but never pust in a movie, so there is about 13


Okay! Thinking cap on. Lets see if memory serves, there was the P1 of course and the P2, not forgetting the Lost Hunters which consisted of the Boar X2 each with slight design variations, the Ram and the Gort which was the one Hobbs mentioned, that was originally done for P1 but was dropped in favour of the one we know and love today. (the Gort is a fantastic Bio) and there's what appears to be a P1 Bio too, but I think that there's been a bit of tweaking done to it as it does appear to be slightly different to me. Now AVP there's the Celtic, Chopper, Scar, Ancient and Elder. And that I think is it as regards official, meaning those that have graced the big screen. So that gives us a total of....(drum roll)...... Eleven. Wow that's alot of sculpting, I guess you better get started. :)

Cheers :(